Multiplayer Map Improvements

The two biggest issues I have with the world map in multiplayer is:

  • Cannot locate other players easily on the map
  • New players in session always spawn back at the campaign start

It would be great if the player icon was always on top, even if you were in a safe house. It seems all world map icons are stacked on top of the player icon, so you have to move outside for other players to see you. I don’t speak Swedish so describing where I am to my mate is almost impossible. Maybe even make the player icons pulse so are are super easy to find.

The second point could be easily fixed if players spawned next to the game host when they joined the session. Or at the very least, the closest safe house that is unlocked. This is probably less of an issue if locating your team mates was easier.

My background is playing Division 1 & 2 and they way they do their map travelling is frictionless. If your team mate fast travels, you see a line on the map showing you the where they travelled from and to. And group leaders also have the ability to fast travel the whole team in some situations. That would be nice if you could “fast travel to group leader” if they were in a fast travel location. I understand this one isn’t so simple to implement, but I can dream :slight_smile:

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I recall it doing the spawn at host quite a while back. I don’t know if it was a bug or not but back when there was only 1 base and a lvl cap of 31 it always spawned me next to the hosts closest fast travel or where I last was. I liked it that way since the game crashed so often. Now ever since all the other bases were added I find myself at the dock burning travels to field radios lol. Not so bad when they’re yours but if the hosts low on em you’re walking back.
Also agree heavily that the players icons get hidden by map icons. Makes spotting fellow players a game of zoom in and out till you get lucky and they move. If they’re idle you’re going to be searching the whole map. Maybe a ping option or as the OP suggested a constant pulse that illuminates the players icons even when covered. Could even adapt another option to focus on a selected teammate instead of ones self. Seems pointless to focus on myself I always know where I am since the map opens central to my position.

That was also before we had 4 worlds.
I guess that’s the reason, because the doesn’t know where to save the position at. I also guess that’s the reason why mission progress as guest isn’t saved to the guests world, which also worked before these changes.

Can’t you use map filters to see the other players in a better way? But I agree, a quick toggle through all players positions could be helpful.

There is a quick way to see players’ locations on the map, on PC anyway. While in map view, on the left of screen is a quick filter legend. To see everything, you leave it on “ALL”, second from top. Click on “favorites”, “FNIX”, “SOVIETS” or anything that clears the safehouses from the map. BAM, there are all the players on the map, even if they are in safe houses. Click back to “ALL” before closing your map.

I like the fact that players that join a map are always spawning in the same place. Their next move tells me if they joined to be helpful, or just help themselves. Some players join my map and fast travel to the closest safe house to a cluster of rivals, all my rivals are level 4 and off limits. It is clear they are after the rivals. So basically thieves. Destroying a host’s rivals without the host is just wrong. They get booted quickly.