Multiplayer Questions

My Dad and I plan to play some Generation Zero together, and there’s some things I want to know. (It’s both our first times with Generation Zero multiplayer.)
1: Does a new game start when there’s a multiplayer game?
2: Does the person connecting get to keep all their gear or do they start with nothing when they connect?
3: Do you get to keep your levels, skills, assignments, and completed missions?

For 2 I meant do I get to keep my gear from my singleplayer game to multiplayer or do I start over.
For 3 I meant do I get to keep my XP, Level, and Assignments from my singleplayer game.

@Snipergirl As you know, there are some “unique”, fixed-location weapons (e.g. a 5-star m/49 in the far north).

What if I drop such a weapon in co-op and one of the other players picks it up, or with me as the host, one of the other players finds this weapon in its original location and takes it? Will it ever respawn in “my world” so I can pick it up again later, or is it gone forever, until I play as a guest in “someone else’s world” and “steal” it from there?

Map weapons DO NOT respawn, you can find weapons on dead machines so you won’t need to steal one.

@lolex500 @Snipergirl

I’ve more than 100 hours in the game, and I have yet to find an experimental or 5-star weapon on a robot. The only 5-star weapons I’ve found have been in the fixed locations on the map. I haven’t killed many big robots though, because it takes forever when you go it alone…

Well I’ve gotten 100+ 6c and 5c weapons, if you want to find some I recommend killing apocalypse robots, tanks and harvesters especially. Himfjäll in the alpine unrest DLC got lots of apocalypse machines. Also remember that 6c weapons only drop from rivals, the higher level the higher chance for experimentals.

I’ve killed a bunch of rivals… mostly hunters though, and probably not many of them apocalypse class. But I’ll give it a shot, thanks!

Sorry for derailing the thread, heh.

After 500 hours in game and one year IRL I haven’t had that gun respawn, so I would guess it isn’t meant to respawn but sometimes they still do.