Multiplayer save and loot issues


I started playing this game by my self, played about 4 hours and only progressed to the first church. The day after my son bought the game and we started to play together instead, with him hosting so that he could do all the quest I had already done.

So when we arrived at the first church, we had the same progress, but my game didn’t save any of the missions we did after that even tho we where on the same mission and had done exactly the same.

So the day after I played all the missions we did the day before so that we would be on the same mission hoping that it would fix the saving issue, without any luck.

Redid “Spike the guns” yesterday to get the progress of it, only to find out that I can’t get that progress, the weapons that we can loot there aint there anymore becasue I have already looted them so my notification when I arrive there say 0/4 weapons and mission say 0/1 even tho I redid everything and got a “mission compleat” after the “battery” part of it.

So even tho we are on the exact samt spot mission wise it won’t save.

Please fix this, you guys sold in the game as an multiplayer/co-op game so why does the game not save all the players progress??

I sucks big time If I have to replay the game my self just to be able to get all the missions done… but wait I can’t do that because the weapons that we should find aint there anymore due to the fact that I have already grabbed them. :frowning:


I have had this happen to me as well. I think progress should be saved whether it’s solo or multiplayer :slight_smile: It’s unfortunate but we’ll have to deal with it until they address this issue in the future. Thanks for reporting and supporting the GZ community!


Yeah, i guess. The sad thing is that this is a released game, not early access or anything.

So when my son and I have played the whole game, I still haven’t :frowning: Fixing the save issue should be a priority, well it shouldn’t have been an issue to start with.

Hope they fix it soon, great game otherwise.


My sentiments exactly. So much would be understandable if they were just honest about the game’s unfinished status instead of marketing it as a finished product. Had I known it was still in development, I would have saved my money until it was done.