Multiplayer setting resets on new login

Platform: XB1, PS4 or PC - which Platform you were on when you experienced the issue


Description: Brief summary of the issue, insure to include specifics such as coordinates, quest names, enemies etc…

Set the multiplayer invite setting to “Friends”. Leave the game. Come back into the game. The setting has reverted to “everyone”

Steps To Reproduce: What steps did you take to get the issue? Can you follow these steps again and reliably get the issue again?

Log in, change setting, log out, log back in

Images / Videos: Any screenshots or videos of issue you encountered

Host or Client: Were you hosting a multiplayer game? Or did you join somebody else session?

In solo trying to host a multiplayer game

Players in your game: How many other players were in your game?

1 but trying to let in 1 more

Specifications: What are the hardware specs of your PC or which XBox, PS4 console were you playing on?

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