Multiplayer type by default

Could there be a way to let us to toggle weather game is public, friends or invite only?
Tired of making a game and next thing I know there are randos in my game. I know you can change when your in game but dont remember every time. Just let us pick in settings.

Since GZ is co-op game 1st and single player game 2nd, the default multiplayer setting of “Who can join” is “Anybody”. However, all players can change the setting in the Multiplayer menu (after Continuing the game), to “Invite Only”, if they want to play solo.

Having 3rd option of “Friends only” may have some use (since you don’t have to manually invite your friends to the game) but to make it default for all, is something i don’t see devs doing.

Also, are you reporting that the “Invite Only” setting doesn’t stick and it turns back to “Anybody” each time you Continue your game? If so, please make a proper bug report by following this guide: READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report

Btw, i was in the game earlier today and at least for me, the “Invite Only” setting is working fine. No-one joined my game while i was exploring the new content.