Multiplayer weapon loot

When me and my friend played co-op a month ago we could all loot the same weapon (playing adventure) we played some days ago on guerilla with new characters the shotgun in the church dissapeared when one of us picked it up. Is it because of guerilla mode or a bug?

Visible weapons in world are host’s weapons, and/or yours if you haven’t picked them up in your own game.

So if you have collected all the weapons from the world, and start a play with new friend who starts from begin. You will not see those weapons in the world, only your friend will.

Your scenario might be little bug, depending have you and your friend picked up that weapon in other play session. Or with other characters.

We all stared a new characyer at the same time with guerilla mode.

If you’ve played it before with a different character then the weapon won’t be available for you, and can only be seen / looted by players who never picked it up before.

Weapons in the world are specific to each player. So if you picked it up on a different character (or earlier with the same one) then it will never reappear for you.

The world is shared across each of your 4 characters, the only way to reset the world is to move or delete your save file.