Multiplayer with a friend on Series X is unplayable

Been convincing my friend for ages to play this game and we finally get on it.

We start off in the Archipelago and all is good until I loot a tank. My game suddenly crashes before the inventory loads up.

I quit the game, load it up again and around 45 minutes later the same thing happens when trying to loot a container.

I quit the game and join back again.

For the next couple of hours as we make our way to the Farmlands I get this issue a couple more times, always when I’m trying to loot a container.

I quit the game and join back again.

Now all hell breaks loose. We have a battle and I can loot most of the containers with the exception of one tank that we killed. I try to loot this around 5 times and each time I CTD.

I give up on the tank and decide to loot the lynx next to it. I CTD. I try and loot a little further next time, a police car parked down the road a little. I open the boot, hold x to search a container and then again, I CTD. At this point we’re both getting quite frustrated. We’ve gone through plenty of field radios so that each time I crash, I can quickly fast travel to my partner. Frustrated, but not deterred, I decide to load the game up again and we make a conscious decision to just head to the bunker.

No more than 30 minutes later, I again go to open a container and I CTD. At this point we both decide to call it a day and play something else.

Now I enjoy GZ and am probably more forgiving when it comes to some of the bugs but this is incredibly frustrating. All I want to do is play the game with my friend but the constant CTD is driving me insane.

Multiplayer in this state is bordering unplayable for me and I’d like confirmation as to whether or not the devs are aware of this and actively working on a fix. It’s not a bad game by any means but this really shouldn’t be happening.

Anybody else having this issue?

Iv been having this issue with my friends As iv been playing with one who has it on digital download as well as my self. But the other person has it on disc and we can’t join him when he ( with disc ) invites us we play for about 15m and then it just kicks us off… and says connection lost to host ( try to rejoin) session is full or no space.

so I’m going to buy him the digital download version to see it that makes different. I will let you know again through this week to see if it makes any difference…