Multiplayers! What's wrong with you?

I have a complaint…

…to all the people, trying to play multiplayer with unknown people.
Maybe I am to old, but:
If I get in contact with someone else - reallife or internet - the first thing I allways do is: “Hello” or “hi all” - if I have a good day “Hello. How are you?” - it is called:
Salution or maybe greeting.
It is a social behavior, if two people, known or unknown, meet each other with the goal to teamup for a while (especially in the game GZ) - didn’t your Mum or Dad tell you once upon a time? When you were 3 or 4 years old?
I allways have 9 of 10 player, who join my game and…

Yep, nothing. Hey, come in, take a seat, want a cookie? How about destroying my game? No voice? Oh, your mic is broken - GO AND BUY A NEW ONE - and maybe come back to join discord or TS.
If you don’T want to play in team, you do not have to press Multiplayer

I joined your game, but you just forgot to dissable multi?
The answer to my “Hi” or “Hello” is

|You have been kicked |

Thank you for your social skill. You still have to add some more points to it.
Is it really so laborious to ansdwer with: “Sorry, forgot to disable multi!”
…and I am gone - with the winds.

Since we have the internet and social media I have the feeling every day were born much more rude, than the day before. Try to be a nice guy.
Honor yourself. Beeing mean is not cool!

Think about that.

Over and out.


Totally agree. Ive encountered this numerous times as well.

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…and sometimes life want to let you be a liar.

Today I joined my game and in a few minutes I had 3 people in game:
“Hello” “hi” Servus" and we played for some hours together talking via
discord and had really fun, killing machines and collecting some 5* equipment.

There is hope outside for all of us^^


I joined a fellers game yesterday, ran up to him and complimented his outfit. I suggested his shoes didn’t match and he kicked me :rage:

You guys can always check out the GZ discord, there are always people on there talking. Go and ask around and you might find someone better to play with!

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It’s understandable to get frustrated. Discord is always the best option to find others to play with.

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mmmh, your invitation is not guilty :frowning:
What is the name of the GZ-discordServer, can’t find it via disord search

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Your Invitation is no longer valid.

The same problem. You posted the same thread were I tried to follow the lnk before.
Maybe someone can invite me?

try in here

I hate when people join your game, then run off and do they’re own thing. If I join someone else’s game, the host is the boss!!! What they say goes, it’s they’re game, not ours… we’re the soldiers, they’re the Sargent, simple as that. It’s called respect!!!

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Honestly i try to set up new worlds and tried to do a RP session, It went like this, for 6-7 days then i gave up on the idea, and just played solo.

[Player (random) Joined]

[Karnitin75:] Hello, Im doing RP stuff do you want to join

[Random:] …

[Karnitin75:] Umm, so yes or no?

Then i see him fast travel and just make a dash for every rival i have and kill them.

[Random disconnected]

[Karnitin75:] TF!!??

This happens over and over. They dont give a damn about what im doing or want on my session. They only come for my loot and dip.

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