Multiple bugs Xbox (and also PC using Xbox App) since New Dawn

Platform: Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, and PC (using Xbox app). These issues are using the same character save (i.e. play anywhere). Have all DLC’s installed on both the consoles and the PC.

Description: Multiple issues occurring during every session; single player and multiplayer

  1. Hud missing (Xbox and PC). No compass/markers, health bar, quick wheel, etc. During this state, cannot access game menus either. Can still use current weapon and can change ammo type, but can’t see what ammo. Usualy dying or a game announcement (e.g. rival level change, assignment completion, etc.) will restore functionality, but next time I fast travel issue may come back.
  2. Partial loss of access to doors, boxes, dead enemies. Sometimes this means cannot open some/all doors, cannot loot some/all bodies. It’s seemingly “random” in that I might be able to loot 1 out of 10, 5 out of 10, or 9 out of 10. Sometimes I can loot even though the box/body does not show it can be looted while other times looting is not possible. Sometimes fast traveling will fix while other times exiting the game and restarting is only solution. LIkewise, I can sometimes open doors even if there is no screen prompt and sometimes I cannot.
  3. Dying when approaching dead non-rival tank/harvester as if being poisoned by radiation. During these occurrences, combat has been concluded and no active enemies are around. Probably happens 1 out of 10 times and only (so far) with harvesters and tanks. Playing multiplayer, it only happens to me. My co-op partner can loot as normal.

Also experiencing occasional hard crashes to desktop with Xboxes. Not often and there does not seem to be a pattern. Probably, at most, this happens about every 2 hours.

Note that I play primarily on an Xbox Series X, but tried on my second console and PC to see if these problems were console specific and found most were present no matter which device I play on.

Steps To Reproduce: Happens in every session; sometimes from the beginning, sometimes after playing for a few minutes. The hud/loot access ones seem to fix or occur after fast traveling or respawning. Hard crashes to desktop do not exhibit a detectable pattern.

Images / Videos: If needed, will capture.

Host or Client: Primarily as host or in single player

Players in your game: 1 or 2.

Specifications: Xbox series X, Xbox One X, Windows 11 PC (Ryzen 7 5700, Radeon 6700XT, 16gb DDR4, SSD). Internet connection is 1gb speed and all devices are wired LAN connections, but have also used wifi to see if there was any difference.

My character is level 32 and my world is pretty full of FNIX and held control points. Game glitches seem to be most prevalent around FNIX held control points, but this is just an observation.

All of these issues started after last update, but not immediately. The problems seem to be gradually getting worse the more I play. Speculating that the game is having issues with the complexity of my “world” or there is some level of corruption in my save. When playing on friend’s less loaded world, have not seen these issues (other than the random crashes to desktop/console).

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Destroy as many FNIX bases as you can. ALL of these bugs are directly related to the number of bases on the map.

Less bases = less bugs

Also, bug no 1. No HUD. This will go as soon as you loot an enemy / container. There won’t be a prompt but you can still do it. Once you’ve opened the loot screen all HUD will return.

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This means that gnomes are about. They appear when the game has to process too many things at once and they make nearby doors, loot boxes, etc. inaccessible. There’s more info in this thread:


This aged well. :man_facepalming:t2:

I mean, who could have seen that coming. :wink:


Thanks for the reply. Have been trying to destroy FNIX bases since reading it. However, I think I’m past the point of recovery as I’ve yet to be able to complete the destruction of any entrenched FNIX locations without hard crashing out of the game. I’ve been immediately destroying any new bases before they get reinforced, but the ones that are maxed out are “defended” by crashes. If you have any tricks for conquering these FNIX strongholds, please school me. Thanks.

Not only crashes. I cant open doors that are meant to be opened, or pick up loot items. The games completely broken at this point. This is real problematic when you need to pick up a quest item & you cant or even enter the location where the item is located because you cant open a door.

Insane amounts of tick spawns exploding everywhere!

When I force a save at my resistance base (only have one) when I load into the games the next day I am in a safe house at an altogether different locacation.

The games wasn’t like this when I first bought it a couple weeks ago. Now its unplayable.

You could try the rocket launcher glitch to speed up destroying bases from a distance (press Y and RT at the same time to fire a rocket and switch weapon, you’ll fire a rocket without using ammo)

However, I’ve not had much luck with destroying bases as the game crashes way too quickly when you get near and rockets often pass through enemies & scenery so you can’t cause enough damage quickly, so I’m stuck same as you.

Sorry I can’t be more help!

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I did it! I was able to persevere to get the FNIX bases under control employing several strategies. Some of the strategies may be common knowledge, but not ones I’d seen before. First, I did use the trigger-Y exploit you suggested. I hate using exploits like that, but given that I’d gone through tons of ammo attacking FNIX bases only to see the game hard crash, I felt justified in using it in this instance. Second, I nibbled around the edges by attacking the FNIX bases that did not have rivals around and that tended to be less populated. Third, and this is a weird one, I always approached the bases on my belly. It seemed that even if I walked crouched and there were no robots around, the base would go into crazy siren mode long before I approached it. Fourth, I flattened the bases…every structure… before approaching the shield generators so that nothing else could spawn once I started the final base destruction.

The final area I had to clear was in the “unknown” area north of the airfield. When I started, there were three level 4 rivals and a reaper there along with three FNIX bases. I had to wait until the rivals were further away from the others and then lure them to me in the areas not near FNIX bases. Once I cleared the rivals I was able to take out the bases in the area.

Now, the game is virtually gnome/glitch free. Just gotta keep the FNIX bases in check and will hopefully be okay until this mess is patched.

Oh, and one final note; I ended up using my PC to complete this cleanup. I don’t know that my Series X would not not have been able to handle it, but the PC seemed more stable.

Thanks again for your replies and info.

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