Multiple point of interest markers

Can we please get a point of interest marker for the map plz. It saves you from having too look back online for certain places. So you could place as many as you want so you know where togo especially if you make videos and need to memorize places.

Just a simple click nothing massive thanks.


Isn’t the placeable waypoint just that? :thinking:

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Multiple way points to keep track tho

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I’d at least like the map to indicate which safe houses have crafting and recycle stations.

For that, here is full list: Crafting and recycling station locations

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That’s cool and thank you but I just wish the in game map showed them too :yum:

There are roughly 3 recycling stations per region and remembering their locations wouldn’t be that difficult. Also, you can bookmark my list and look it during gameplay to help you out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wish there was a poi marker, not for the recycle/crafting stations but for towns, military bases, battlefields and other locations that are generally interesting/important. Or, maybe pois can help you see where missions are, as I had a hard time looking for missions’ starting place. They could also be used for where safe houses are more likely to be, as some safe houses are hard to get to.

Main missions start from command bunkers, all of them. Side missions you have to locate and start within the world. Also, when you are in the range of side mission start item (250m or closer), new icon appears on your compass, leading you to it’s location. Same with safehouses, if you’re 250m or closer, safehouse icon appears on your compass.

I know about that, its just hard to see where the missions in a certain region might be, as I could think that there is in say the North Coast, so I look in Hagaboda, however, the mission starting place is on the other side of the region in a shack that’s nowhere near a safe house and I wouldn’t know because the map has some buildings that doesn’t show up on the in-game map. Its also frustrating when you look around the entire region, just to figure out that the mission starting place is in another region. This is why I want a poi system that can help me easily locate the starting mission place.

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So the title pretty much explains it all. If you find a cool, or interesting spot on the map, such as easter eggs or cool lookout spots, you can place a marker and name it. Now of course you could have a word document or IRL notepad, but i feel this could streamline the process. That way you do not forget where some hidden away cool spots are. Maybe there could be a map in-game in like the Ringfort where you could place the markers. Also another thing, maybe there is a box in the map that you could type coordinates in and your map marker goes there automatically. This might take away some of the realism, and challenge of moving the marker around to find spots.

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I agree! I’ve found a lot of cool places, and being able to put a personal map marker over them would be really nice!

Same feature request topics merged + corrected topic title a little.