Music Soothes the Soul not counting properly

Platform: Xbox Series X|S

Description: When luring apocalypse/FNIX class with a radio it is not counting all the kills

Steps To Reproduce: Plant gas tank, drop radio. wait for hounds. shoot gas canister watch as you get 0-2 kills for killing 4 or 5 hounds

Images / Videos: None

Host or Client: Xbox Live solo play

Players in your game: Just me

Specifications: Xbox Series S


I had this problem, too (PS5) . In almost all challenges where you have to do a specific amount of something. Maybe fnix can’t count? :joy:

For this special challenge I in general used gas canisters/fuel cells + landmines + emp + radio to avoid that some machine maybe hears my shots.

And the emp additionally helped for another challenge.

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Yes, I just noticed it is not counting the EMP one properly too. Just fried 3 military and none of them counted towards military.
My average for the apoc/fnix is 8 per lure and explosion, with it only counting 3 max every time.
This needs to be fixed.