Music While you Explore and Blow Things Up

I’ve been thinking about some 80s electronic music that would fit the theme of GZ, something definitely in the style of the BG music the game uses. Feel free to add your own ideas (I think we need to avoid the 80s new romantics though!). Musicians who come to mind are Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Gert Emmens, Tomita and so on. The genre known as “Krautrock” has some great stuff.

I found this the other day which seems to fit really well and by about 05:20 picks up a real Tangerine Dream beat that would be awesome in combat:


I would definitely like to add Secret Service “Flash in the Night”. It is the biggest hit from one of the countless best-in-the-world Swedish bands, and it would be so appropriate considering how a walk in a moonlit forest in GZ resembles a visit to the local discotheques stroboscopic dancefloor atmosphere :man_dancing::zap::joy:


The song warriors by papa roach would be quite good for GZ.

P.S. I know it isn’t from the 80s

I would like some GOOD punk music, to go with me mohawk…

Like this…

This is a great idea! I usually play generation zero while listening to 80’s rock on Spotify, and it works really well. It would be amazing if they incorporated 80’s music into the game! The only problem would be the copyright issues.

When playing the game I usually listen to bands like AC/DC and the Clash, and sometimes Dire Straits thrown in there. The game feels much better when you have ‘London Calling’ blasting in the background as you’re blowing up tanks. :slight_smile: