Muskudden Port Complex Bugs - Yes, more bugs

Platform: PC

Description: Walled off section (known), Missing wall textures, incomplete wall sections, some floating items. The whole area seems to be a mess and rushed.

Steps To Reproduce: As it was said before… “Just go to Muskudden and look for yourself” as alot of which are quite obvious, and out in the open.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Client, but these can also be affected on Host so it doesn’t matter.

Computer Specs: GTX 1080, AMD T1100, 16gb DDR3. (Not Overclocked).

Some More Screen shots as I’m limited to only 5…

Hey, I took a capture of that area in your 4th picture too. Thought it was a door, at first, then realised it was a building model clipping into another. Similar to the issues of houses with 2 layers of furniture clipping into each other.