Muskudden port complex collectible


my map shows that there is a collectible at the above site but cannot find it. Anyone have any idea where it might be?


I seem to remember it is one of those that can only be found outside.


It’s a tricky one. The collectible is technically at Muskudden, but if you’ve quick-travelled to the safe house, the collectible isn’t where you’d think it would be.


Over the hill behind you, near the water at the base

A stab at the co-ords

It’s roughly -4876, 127 I think


Hmm… that has to be one of the APO “blueprints”, iIrc and yes, it’s outside in the northern part of the complex

@pegnose : you’re right… :wink:


You could hide this info with a “spoiler” drop-down section. I intentionally did not give this info away.


Ok thank you Flick for your clues, but its not over a hill but yes near the water and its at the base.
Here are the exact co-ordinates. -4767.610 136.535


Glad you found it!

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