Muskudden Port Complex Doors after May Update

Platform: PC

Description: I used to farm loot by getting behind the inner storage. There is a rare chance to get 5* weapons, attactments and bunch of ammo.

Steps To Reproduce: There is a safehouse in -4436.955, 89.465 called Muskudden Port Complex. Walk down to the huge cave and you will see the following doors. I could open it before the update but now that it’s been locked.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Solo. Friends could open the door on either i am host or not but i just can’t. Can only close the door if they opened it up for me.

Players in your game: Only me

Specifications: GTX1080 Ti, 16GB RAM, i7-8700K

It’s was the same for me to (Xbox One) tho, I think that there is a mission that tied to Muskudden Port Complex from Uttern Bunker, but since my mission for Uttern Bunker was glitched prior to the update the doors are locked.

Do you know the mission name ? I had forgot about the door needs to finish the mission first.

No I don’t know the name of the mission probably cause the Uttern Bunker Mission glitched on me and I was unable to complete it.