MUST READ ! Attention when creating a new second character!

Well, it seems as, at the moment, the system does not have more than one saving file (on PS4 console atleast.) In my case, character one and 2 are identical (besides looks and skills). I do understand your wish to have a seperate safegame where you can go to, to explore and solve missions by yourself independend of the co-op progress you made. I believe however that this is something they are working on. (Not sure) The game has a few buggs and it will only get even better once issues as these are adressed and dealth with.

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I’m pretty sure it’s something they’re working on as well :slight_smile: I’m a bit bitter hehe because this is pretty much my favorite game right now and I’m dying to get back into it :stuck_out_tongue:

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It truly is a great game. Visually and also in Audio. The Visual/graphics team and the Audio team did a very nice work in this game. It has to be said, they deserve credit for this. However, having played this game for multiple days now in solo campaign, Î also start to notice some of the things I really MISS in this game.

  1. I haven’t seen one single animation clip in this game.
    It doesn’t have to become a clickbutton animated movie like some other games
    but hey, when you spend like 4 hours in map to discover one of those well hidden bunkers.
    And then upon finding it, it still isn’t enough/over with the mission, you have to start generators,
    survive toxic gas, etc…; Well after such a huge mission, it would really be nice to get atleast some small animation as a sort of a reward for all the trouble. All modern games work like this. You solve something big, you get a little movie/animation as a gift or reward.
    I really miss this in the game. The Visual Graphics department in this game has showing that they are more than capable of making awesome looking landscapes and machines etc, a little animation here and there would make it so much more rewarding to fight trough the sometimes hard and really well hidden missions.

  2. Since this is a typpical open world looting game I miss a place (atleast one in the game would be fine) where you can stach your found weapons. A safe house like in the old Hitman 47 (the first Hitman) would be awesome, with a wall that you can display your weapons on. But even a normal weaponcrate (one single in the game) would be cool alreaddy. Now, half of my inventory is filled with weapons I don’t want to loose. A stachcase for weapon storage in a safehouse would be a nice addition to have more inventory space available. Looters like to keep the good stuff they find, right? :slight_smile: There are towns with 200 loot boxes in the game, so why go through the trouble if you can not stach the good goodies somewhere safe. Atleast the weapons if they don’t like us to create huge Ammo deposits :wink:
    That would be cool.

  3. It’s rather small, but I really miss it somehow. Personally I feel that the differet ammo types should have different icons. Like in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 for exemple. One quick look at the screen, in the middle of combat, teels you if you are firing normal FMJ or hollow point or armorpiercing ammo, etc…; That would be something I really would like to see in this game.
    Different icons for different ammo types.

  4. And one of the things that also bothers me, to rap this up, is that, when you open a weapons crate, the weapon info is given to you (like used, good, etc…) But when you find a weapon outside a box in this game, there is no info on the status of the weapon when you click it. You infact have to empty/drop some of your inventory first to make room. Than pick up the weapon to get it in your inventory, only then to be able to see what quality the weapon has. That is a lot of actions simply to drop a bad weapon afterwards and recollect the loot you had drooped before to make room. It would be more user friendly if weapons that are not stored in weaponboxes would also have a pop-up menu that gives you the status right away.

All small things(exept the first one :wink: ) but they would improve the game a lot IMO.

Anyway, with such big numbers of different gamers(types) I’m sure every one has some things they would have liked to see improved or changed. Not everything can be made to
please everyone, I understand that. I think these once would really improve the gameplay however. Still, GZ is awesome looking, packed with nice sound effects and fun to play as it is.

So, maybe my suggestions are something to keep in mind for GZ 2 :slight_smile:
By the way, speaking of Generation Zero Part 2: When is the releasedate? Can’t waite :wink:

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So I’m almost lvl 25 on first character, reading this I realize that if I create a 2nd character, my whole invent will be cleaned and so will all locations + safe zones.

Things saved are collectables, levels, stats and completed missions.

So if I want the trophy, should I save 2 skill points which would carry over to my 2nd character (then I just lvl up another specialization) and get both trophies.

How about saving my file as a backup on the cloud? If I just create a character, get trophies then download my old save, would it restore everything (no 2nd char ofc)?

Not sure about inventory. My inventory was still complete.
I had a .50 Cal and that was still there after creating second character.
But yes, the rest is correct. All locations and safe houses will be lost.
Even when you switch back to character one. You would have to rediscover them all again.
The system will tell you however, when you rediscover a location with second character
that you (for example) alreaddy found the collecible at that location.
I’m on PS4 so I don’t have the “old save data” option you mention for PC.
But is sounds quite logic so this could work infact. Not sure evidently.

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Ermm that did not happen to me , i create 2nd guy and started game as soon as loaded i got trophy , then exit to menu deleted 2nd guy , loaded 1st guy all was still there all safe houses all buggy missions , , , . None of that matters now , had a freeze screen that shut ps4 down , save is corrupt and will not repair , will start again when fix is out , no salt just peace

So you are saying nothing will happen if I create a 2nd char? No inventory wipe, locations or safe zones etc? Any negatives to my main char?

Im also on PS4. Theres the PS+ cloud save function for backup saves

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Oooh, awefull to hear about your corrupted save file mate.
That is not something pleasant to encounter.
Cool how you take it though. No salt, only peace :slight_smile:
I think it’s a great idea to waite a bit with gaming till new patch comes out.
Much better than getting frustrated if same thing happens once more.

I have read TherotcoD 's reply, I can only say that that is not what happend to me.
But as I mentionned before, I have buggs in my PS4 game where others have non
and I have no problem with some missions where others have buggs. so, not sure
what is actually supposed to happen when creating a second character.
Remind: Also still playing version 1 and not the updated V 1.02 of the game.

When I noticed the map being empty after creating my second character
I immediately did the same thing as TherotcoD. I immediately erased the second character after maybe 5 minutes of playing with it. I went back to starting screen, choose first character I alreaddy had. But still, entire map was empty. All locations and all safe-houses where erased.

The only good I got of of this was that I got my “create a second character” Trophy.
And also, my"discover 5 safehouses" trophy wouldn’t work in the beginning.
When I rediscovered the first 5 safehouses once moreI immediately got that thropy.

And Hey, Erkawest, didn’t think about thatone, PS+ cloud. Smart idea ! Cool.
Could work. TherotcoD and Me had a different experiance, so …
it’s a gamble as to what will happen.

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Yes back up ps+ cloud with fresh upload , then u can’t lose right :blush: , and u won’t lose trophy , moonmists 100% knowledgeable about this game should be a 2nd PM so i would advise you seek answer there . , so yes 1 st character i lost nothing at all , but i think the bugs in game determines whether you get a smooth ride or not we all probably didnt do exact same things in game and thats why bugs are doing different things to us all it is open world after all , Example ( My save could be bugged early on which could create havoc with game progress and the untimely death of my save ) Other peoples saves would not be bugged at same time of progress because they did things different in game . anyways Back up and go for it ._ :smile:

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Ahh theres moonmists hello :laughing: i was going to mention about the update version affecting mine and Moonmists outcome of 2nd character trophy thing because we both on different versions._ ahh that might explain why

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Hey the moonmist the pm liked my idea i may get to see it in game maybe ? - vehicles in motion . Is the topic

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Nice one. Awesome :+1:
Cool to see the pm indeed pics out the stuff they like on this forum to add to the game.
Well done TherotcoD :ok_hand:

The + 50% and +100% seem only to apply for mission completions, and not combat or beacons. If I am wrong then please correct me ASAP, as I will pursue those skills.

Sorry, couldn’t tell you to be honest. I have the skill unlocked a long time ago so I have no possibility to check/compare what XP amount actions give without this perk.
If you don’t have the perk yet maybe you can check this yourself.
I know that destroying a beacon gave me 1000 to 1500 XP before I reached level 30. Depending on the beacon.
So you could see how much XP destroying a beacon gives you without the perk.
If it’s same, like 1000-1500 the perk only affects missions. If it’s less, like 500-750, the perk gives more XP with all actions.

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Missions and beacons yep that its

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They probably collect the ideas all of them , then sort if it fits theme of game >> then comes the ’ Can it be done pile >> then ’ time frame pile to develop ’ ( i probably missed a few piles there pal ) We will look back on posts in months to come and see who’s ideas got developed , SO KEEP THEM COMMING ’ ALL OF US ’ lets put our INPUT into this world ,. Caffeine

@Moonmists INPUT ’ INPUT ’ INPUT ‘’ short circuit 80’s any ideas pal ?

Do you want a lot of experience to get? You need a lot of flare sticky and a lot of enemies. ))))


I forgot to update this thread as I created my 2nd character for the trophies. I am playing on the latest patch on PS4.

So what happens when I create a second character?

*All visited map locations, icons, safe zones etc are saved on both characters. They don’t disappear or clear!
*Level of new second character is set to 0. No skill points available, you will have to level up and earn them again
*Character spawns at same location as where you left your 1st
*The inventory is cleared of the 2nd character. First character in unaffected
*If you fast travel to or visit locations you’ve visited on your 1st character, you will get discovery XP for you 2nd character.
*All missions are kept same, so unfinished/finished etc are the same as your 1st character progression

Basically character 2 is an entirely new character at level 0 with empty inventory. Quest progression is same as 1st
The inventories of the 1st and 2nd characters are separate when playing on either
The 1st character isn’t affected by anything when creating a 2nd. All locations, quest, inventory, skill points, levels etc are saved

Don’t be afraid to start a 2nd character for the trophies, nothing happens!



@Erkawest FAQ fixed. :slight_smile: