My AI-76 r5 is gone

Ok so i logged on today only to find that my AI-76 that ive have for more then 3 days is gone. Its not in my inventory or my chest and its making me very mad someone please help.

Did you remember dropping it off somewhere?

No i never dropped it. My r5 m/49 is also missing but i could careless about that all i want is my AI-76 back.

I accidently recycled my fully decked out MP5 . I don’t know how it happened but it’s just gone. Long ago I lost my AI-76 in the old inventory. I was trying to pick something else up and needed to drop it for a second when my game crashed.

Welcome to Generation Zero

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So theres no way to get it back?

If you are playing on PC then I can give you one.

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No, unless someone gives you one. I noticed the drop rates have gone to shit lately too.

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Thats kind of you but im on Ps4 hopefully i can trade my Automatgevar 4 r5 for someones AI-76 r5

I’m on PS4, if you want to trade I have a few AI-76’s.

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One of them gold? If so i can trade you a automatgevar 4 r5 or a automatgevar 5 r5.

Logged in after the update today too and found my main slot empty and the Al-76 gone. Seems it’s the victim of a new robot ability.