My anniversary and a smol giveaway


Today 2 years ago, I clicked a spoopy link in an email I’d gotten because I signed up for a newsletter in exchange for a pin at gamescom. It led me to the GZ discord, and these past two years, I’ve been watching the game and this community grow, evolve, improve and flourish:blush: It’s been an amazing time and I’ve been super honored to be here as a moderator, game tester and member of the fandom.
You’re all amazing and I love you :heart:

I’d like to give back to you all by giving away three GZ DLC keys of your choice!
I’m going to give the keys to the 3 people who congratulate me on this anniversary in the most creative way!
That can be a nice poem, a god tier meme, a song in my honor or whatever you like. Just be careful: You only get one shot, the first thing you send me counts :wink:
You have until Sunday evening, 18.10.2020, 20:00 EST

It would be best if you just replied to this topic, but you can also send me a DM!
Stay awesome, I’m looking forward to what’s ahead of us this year!


Happy anniversary - I don’t want the DLCs, but I want to wish you the best anyway. Thanks for hundreds of hours of entertainment! :lollipop:



Just adding some stull for the 20 letter counter. :S
I think, “Amen!” said it all, I guess, though?


One, two, three with quick steps
Time is running, we are running with it.
Another year is at the end but the new one lies ahead.
To your cradle celebration, I send you congratulations.

Dear Carni, all the best for you and may all your wishes come true.


PS. don’t count this because i have all curent DLC’s


When i heard about generation zero, i gave it a shot
it was hard at first, but the forum helped a lot
thanks for the fun, its been amazing
though some of the encounters are pretty hair-raising!

I’ve had so much fun out of generation zero, and i haven’t even finished yet! i bought the alpine unrest and I have not visited it yet, but himjfall and fnix rising both look awesome :grin: Happy anniversary and thankyou so much- gz is my favourite game of all time!

Ps thanks everyone for all of the help on the forums :smile: also I would love to have fnix rising


Gongratz on your anniversary Carniv0re. Very nice to have this giveaway. :+1:
I’m sure some GZ players would love to win. I have both of the DLCs.
Omniv0re Gysbert


What an amazing entry! (and also the first one who didn’t already have all the DLC’s :joy:)

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