My bace got destroyed and cant fix it

i just got the first base in the game and me with a few of my friends started a defense mission. long story short we lost and don’t know how to get the tokens to fix the base. do y’all know what we have to do?

Destroy machines (not rivals), get higher region scores and you soon should get FNIX bases at the neutral control points.
If you destroy them, you get command tokens.

thanks and do you know what the region level has to be for the FNIX bases to spawn

To add: You get 10 tokens per destroyed FNIX base, but you need 20 to claim a control point or repair a destroyed resistance base. :coffee:

does a FNIX research facility count as a base

No, but I filtered the map to only show FNIX bases. But they can be on different locations. That has to do with which control points are claimed.

sadly no, just farm the farmlands, a full run takes about an hour if you are fully stocked on ammo and avoid rivals. threat level will go through the roof fast. I avoid the airfield as FNIX and Apoc tanks like to spawn there which are good if they hit rival status. run the perimeter of the farmlands, which should be… ehh, off the top of my head, 2 tanks and 2 harvesters to the right side (usually) plus hunters… left should be hunters galore… 2-3 harvesters, 3-4 tanks… go north from Sandbo… 1-2 harvesters, 1-2 tanks till Vallinge Church. NE from there you get tanks, harvesters, firebirds and wolves all the way north. turn east at the northern section of the farmlands and more of the previous. fast travel to a save house outside of that, grab a coke and a smile, save, quit to main menu, log back in and do it again. max rivals and bases in no time