My Character for Gen Z

Name Dagon, Manson Dagon meaning demon of the seas.
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Occupation: Ex-Mafia member now the Bane of the Giants.

Appearance: Caucasian, with a hazard jacket, gold chain, bald, gas mask, and military pants (may add a picture later).

Childhood: Dagon, had a rough childhood, no mother, and just an alcoholic father. His father was in major dept to the Mafia, having no job he sold Dagon to the Russian Mafia at the age of 10. By this point, Dagon had grown to hate his father and his abusive tendencies. From then on the leader of the Russian Mafia had grown to like him, and if the Leader had any more emotion besides lust, rage, and gluttony he might’ve loved Dagon.
Age 12: Dagon was trained first on how to pickpocket, at age 12 he was attending high-end parties posing as a son of Fellow Mafia member Kendrick pickpocketing a total of 5k by the end of the night.

Age 15: By this point, Dagon had been trained in hand-to-hand combat specifically with bats and knives, and trained with sidearms. Dagon seemed to have an insane level of aim, and the leader invested in getting him high-level training in hopes to use him later. All the while, Dagon slowly lost all emotions except one…bloodlust.

Age 17: Dagon was now participating in heist, killing all those who couldn’t “pay for protection” and there was a deal in the making for a shipment of weapons that the leader was to send in Sweden’s way. By this point Dagons father was in a lot of debt to the Mafia, it seemed someone would have to pay him a visit.

Age 18: On Dagon’s birthday in 1988, Dagon is given the word that his father has to pay. Dagon goes to his father without any feelings of pain, pity, or anger, Dagon kills his father, Dagon’s father had the money though…

Age 19: Dagon is sent to escort the long-awaited shipment to Sweden. Dagon turns 19 while on the boat. The leader sent him in hopes that he wouldn’t ruin a business with his temperamental attitude. As the boat approaches the shore runner’s fire at the ship, most of the crew is either injured or dead. Dagon remains in good health.

The islands: Dagon now explores the islands looking for a way to communicate back with the leader. He can’t get a connection along the way he learns about the bots and their weaknesses. Dagon being very resilient and had good aim, always was good at looting too. He thrived in its environment, eventually getting his hands on extremely powerful weapons, Dagon sets up a base in the mountains of the forest region. There he explores new types of ammo in hopes to not only get a better edge on the robots but to come back with something of extreme value for the leader. Dagon has since found incredibly powerful enemies, one of which he calls the Reaper a rare enemy that is deadly, to say the least. Dagon has also discovered an island and a few other survivors. Dagon is approaching 20 years of age now

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Yeah I saw two today and I already had an idea of my character’s back story, the just kinda progressed in my mind as I wrote it out, although I had to research a little for some of the stuff. Ik I wanted them to e near the island so first I figured out which direction the islands faced, Ik I wanted a gangster, but there weren’t in gangs in Sweden so the closest country with gangs/mafias that would fit the time was Russia. From there everything was from my mind. Fun Fact the Russian mafia is still a thing today