My command tokens build up,,, but nothing to do with them

, they just continue to build up, I don’t need anymore bases, already maxed out, :sob:, they just continue to build up because of these assignments that require base assault requirements


, assignments that requires base assault completion did this :dizzy_face: but what am i

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Yes, I agree that we need another use for them.
At the moment I have no good idea.

If we get a companion or become able to call in supporting units, they could be a currency to use for that.

I also maybe once a great feature request where part of it was a penalty for using “respawn at safehouse”.
It could cost 1% of your command tokens to respawn at a safehouse, for example.

That idea makes alot of sense to me (penalty for respawning)!
To elaborate on your idea; if you only had 10 tokens, could you then respawn 10 times before losing a (whole) token?
To extend this thought further, if you only had 1 token, then you could respawn 100 times before losing it.

The problem is; what happens when youre out of command tokens?
would you be soft-locked out of the game, unable to respawn unless you´d quit to menu and continue from there?

So i kind of think your idea needs two minor alterations; a fixed cost of tokens, possibly increasing in size with the player level or similar, and a alternative for the not-enough-tokens-scenario.

This could also be tied to the region score for added scalability, make it more expensive to die in harder (or easier? :slight_smile: ) regions, or decreasing region score for “giving up on the fight at the nearest safe house” after forgetting to pack adrenaline shots before a skirmish.

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I get what you mean.
The idea isn’t worked out finally… Was just a quick shot in hope of additions by other users.

I took the percentages to prevent being soft-locked from the game. Let’s say for example: 1% (round down) as long as 1% is at least 1 command token… And just if you have at least 1 adrenaline in your inventory.

Spawning at a safehouse isn’t always “bad”.
Sometimes it’s the only way out (no more adrenaline, got stuck and don’t have explosives,… ).
Sometimes you may just be out numbered, out of ammo and med kits and get killed… So you will retreat and restock by chosing to respawn at a safehouse.

That’s ok.

It’s just… Reviving with adrenaline do cost much. You lose XP, because you lose the battle. You lose 1 adrenaline (unless you have the skill for a free adrenaline per battle), just start with 20hp (unless you have the skill to start with full health) and have to use med kits fast to not get killed immediatly again.

Respawning at a safehouse just costs the XP for losing battle and maybe the loot of the already destroyed machines. But nothing more.

Let’s call it “cost” instead of penalty, maybe.

You forget that the spawning into a safehouse away from the ongoing battle is already a penalty. I would rather see those points used as a reward. Like buying things that you can’t find in the world. A special costume for instance.

I can craft adrenaline, your penalty idea would not affect me, but new players would not like this extra penalty.


Ok, I got it.

Having it as currency for cosmetics is an interesting idea, but if you already bought everything you’re in the same situation again.

What about a resistance market place as buildable structure in bases?
There you could spend command tokens for cosmetics, upgrades for your bases (more walls, defensive structures,…) or even packages of ressources.

(important: no ingame-shop with real money to buy command tokens)


Or showcase shelves for collectables, blueprints, weapons, etc. as a buildable structure. Should be expensive, like 500 tokens for one shelve or weapons rack. And you need many shelves and racks to place all collectables. 2000 tokens for the Resistance Marketplace.

Since the tokens come from destroying bases, they could be used to buy more uranium then what you get from just the bases. One token equals one uranium. Then you can turn tokens into experimental stuff.

Oh no, I already swim in uranium.
You get 5 uranium for every level (at least it should after level 31) and some for base assaults and defenses.

That’s already more than you need. It should be a rare ressource… Just as it once was.

Your wording is incorrect, it is more than YOU need and that does not apply for someone that crafts exp rounds and exp first aid kits and go through both like players go through standard rounds and first aid kits.

I do not build bases and only destroy them as they pop up due to fighting machines in regions that has control points. So, I am “swimming” in tokens but not a lot of uranium because I use them for crafting. I also drop the 27-28 units of cement after I destroy the bases.

The difference in me swimming in tokens and you swimming in uranium, uranium you keep adds weight and takes up room in your storage and have a use, where as of right now tokens take up no space and are useless to me and would be nice to recycle them into something useful.

Come on… Just because you craft and use experimental ammo exzessive we don’t need just more uranium.

But nevertheless, this idea covers uranium as well (ressources), so everyone should be happy. I could need steel… Much steel. :sweat_smile:

Of all the things this game needs right now in order to survive, this is not something the devs should prioritize. Unused command tokens hurt nobody…


I believe discussion is discussion. The Devs are going to do what Devs want. So lets enjoy the discussion without the guidance of what not to discuss.

So to further discuss… I think it would be nice to be able to use command tokens to buy another base to build when we have reached limit in a region or have reached the limit in all regions.

Altough the topic is not about this, a way to buy or obtain uranium in bigger quantities besides what we get from bases and level up is actually needed.
I never manufacture experimental ammo because of low uranium, (so why botter?)

The title says it all. I’m acquiring Command Tokens faster than I can get rid of them. 7 Base Assault days, the stupidest idea in the history of grinding, nets me 140 tokens. A Base Defense mission spends 10. Can we see how acquiring 140-200 Command Tokens a week, while spending, generously, 100 Tokens in Base Defense missions is only going to see the total increase without end? And now I find out that having too many seems to cause parts of the UI to fail, like losing all my Safe Houses, and the Resistance bases no longer showing up on the map or being available as a filter. I could create a base then relinquish it repeatedly, losing me 10 tokens per cycle, but that seems exhausting.

Can we please have something to do with the Command Tokens we’re acquiring? Is it that hard to use them to rebuild a FNIX base, or improve the capacity of our Resistance Bases? At least if I could force a FNIX base to build I might be able to keep up with the stupid 7 Base Assault days.



Moved to existing topic, and moved that to #feedback-feature-requests so it gets more attention.


a leaderboard might be nice, who has the most command tokens, 2500, you got me beat

It’s a cooperative, not a competive game.
There are no compareable values in GZ (or I missed them).

There are three difficulty settings. They affect the machines, therefore the kill/death ratio and given XP.

Command tokens can be spent for new bases, resistance-points are too low, reputation points (are they called this?) doesn’t grow any more if you finished every challenge…

There are statistics, that are released from time to time. But they just show sums of the communities efforts.

But that would go against doing something with them.

I am in the same area, 2780. I don’t use the tokens but destroy bases ASAP and now, when you destroy the bases you lose a region level point. And that again forces you to do base defenses that is not an elective.