My current XBox One issues

Current XBox One issues I am experiencing (XBox One X in my case)

Ok guys I have gotten to the stage where I can’t really play the game any more as I can’t complete the Minken Mission and I’m not getting any additional missions presented to me.

The game has been out for over two weeks and apart from the traditional day one patch and there has been no hint of anything happening (apart from jump into the river for the invisible wall issue that I have not encountered)

I appreciate that the devs are busy, but some sort of patch needs to be released, I’m more than happy to bear with you but you need to show us that something is being done about the issues.

Nobody (sensible) expects all the issues to be resolved in the patch but give us some fixes it’s not as if you are dealing with the Nintendo QA dept for XBox, PS4 and PC patching.

Constant issues

Map is simply broken almost nothing marked and when they are you can be sure they won’t be in a few minutes

Discovered areas no longer labeled

Previously discovered bunkers lose power (therefore doors are locked again) and are repopulated with robots

No bar codes for Minken Bunker are ever dropped

Track a location sometimes works other times not so much

Player progress only displays current session (except for distance walked) so some awards are never recognised

Locations become fully re-populated, tasks have to be completed again (tick on antenna in naval base completed 3 times now, and yes the game did save)

Previously collected items/events reappear

No view that hides completed missions (how was this missed?)

Mission triggers out of sequence completion are a complete mess

Collected items associated with events disapear because the mission either hasn’t been triggered, or has been triggered but it appears to have forgotten about it (yet again.)

Hunters and Runners hitting you through walls (including when you are on the opposite side of a large room so it’s not an appendage clipping through a wall)

Hunters simply walking completely through (solid) walls (no not even a closed door) into buildings

Hunters shots passing through walls

Invite only (I prefer solo play) constantly being set to public and random people turning up.

Hostile tracker has taken to simply vanishing (hostile is clearly visible in the open a few metres away)

Unable to switch between main firearms

Loot contents flick onscreen for 1 or 2 frames then close so unable to pick anything up.

Running is slower than walking on occasions.

I only encountered a few of these problems and im on xbox too I especially am mad at the flickering lights glitch when I am walking through the world and there are several [laces when I clip through the map.

So far I have had no clipping issues (player wise) though flickering pictures on the walls are irritating (couple of locations)

Happily the only flickering light I have encountered have almost all been in the far distance and I would tend to blame on anti-aliasing and rendering issues, I think I only had a single occurrence of a local light source that was an issue and that went away next time I passed through the area (and that was in the same game session.)

Smallish graphical issues I am happy to forgive and even ignore, but there are quite a few issues that where annoying and are close to game breaking as I want to finish the Southern coast as more than a single hunter is a problem for me, but I have run out of missions.

Although I like stalking around the countryside hunting Hunters (and the odd tank if I have a lot of ammo and somewhere to hide) I really need a few tings to do without getting constantly destroyed.

I’m sure the devs are working on fixes, but I think most of us would be happy with a few of the issues being resolved (or at least improved) and the game being marginally less frustrating (for all the wrong reasons)

I forgot I have also had two full crashes (no warning) where the XBox rebooted (which was a first for me)

Ps4 as well , crashed no reason . On the bright side the devs have said in the letter on 5th april they have already made progress with game breaking bugs on their internal game build and are adding many more bug fix’s . Cheers

Personally (yeah I’m whining) I would prefer to see an interim patch for one or two issues rather than a later patch that hopefully fixes almost everything.

Although I am limping along I am starting to get frustrated (3 hunters seemingly teleported (no ramp and closed doors) into the upper floor of a barn last night it is close to game ruining)

If it was a Nintendo platform I could understand waiting on a large patch as they are notorious in the QA process and the hoops that devs have to go through to issue a patch is fairly ridiculous.