My experience with the Dare Drops event

tl;dr: Not so good.

So this is not a rant and I mean it in a complimentary way towards the developers and community managers.

I signed up and registered for the Dare Drops on the relevant page with my Twitch channel. The registration was also confirmed after one day.

I was very pleased that GZ is finally getting a bit more opportunities and PR in the public eye. Earning keys for the game and the DLC for my viewers and potential new players in certain challenges sounded really good.

The first disillusionment came from the very poor german translation of the page (challenge was translated as a bet and bets are forbidden on Twitch) and the lack of explanation of how these Dare Drops can be used in Twitch or how I can master the challenges.

The next thing I realised was that Dare Drops were not designed for live events, only recordings and clips are possible. I had already wondered how challenges such as “Speak like a robot for 5 minutes” could be checked and confirmed.

In addition, I got the massive impression that this offer only makes sense for English language channels on Twitch and YT. For a German language channel, for example, it is somewhat more difficult to imitate a speaker from the National Geographic Channel. This is not as common here as maybe in other countries.

I found many other challenges exciting, but since I don’t make any recordings of my streams and haven’t activated any clips (DMCA incoming for music and the like), content creators like me who run a non-commercial channel are unfortunately left out. I regret that very much. With real Twitch Drops this would perhaps be better solved. I don’t know.

I got in touch with Dare Drops support and asked them to disconnect my Twitch channel again, as this was not possible via their website. They responded promptly, appeared in my live stream and deleted my account.

I would like to support the game as a content creator, but I’m not sure whether Dare Drops is the right platform for this and whether it provides me as a content creator with sufficient tools and resources.

What are your experiences with it? Have I misunderstood the concept or the idea behind it, what do you think?

Edit: I changed the category of this post, I think the category “Feedback” fit better.

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What are “Dare drops”???

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Check this…

So basicaly its doing challenges while filming it.
Seems pointless to me, specially if you already have the DLC, and as a content creator you are already supposed to already own the DLC to be able to show more stuff about a game, so this makes no sense at all, i must be getting old or something :sweat_smile:

Anyway, thx for the explanation :+1:.


are they only computer keys, and PS4 keys, looks like fun

alright I see I now, computer folks only :cold_sweat: not PS4 folks, it’s ashame, because I would win them all

Capture a selfie with the Reaper :calling: lol

i tryed the capture a selfie with reaper dare drop, even with 80% invisiblelity, it’s difficult, cant do it, the reaper keeps walking in 360s, and cant pull out my camera for the selfie

Try using the sensory jammer of the tactical equipment pack 2.