My Feedback Post

So I recently just watched a Let’s Play of Generation Zero and decided to buy it. It was a 50/50 purchase as the game did not look like it was anything special, and very buggy. But I bought it anyway.

So far in my ~1 hour of playing, I’ve found things that I think should be improved on/fixed/whatever. I may also not know everything (yet) so some things may change once I “meet” all the enemies.


  • Clunky movement
  • Fall damage is way too high for terrain like it is (at least if you don’t follow roads)
  • Aiming weapons feels off, zooming your fov on the starter pistol for instance shouldn’t exist as it blocks more of your view when trying to shoot.
  • Make binos mark enemies when you look at them with the vision mode? Seems pretty useless just to see what it is and not do anything else, imo.
  • The machines do way too much damage, imo.
  • The looting part of the game needs a lot of work. Force quitting the game just reloads all loot, afaik. So if you have the time you can just force close the game and have lots of ammo/meds/whatever.
  • Fireworks and such should stack higher, they spawn too much and haven’t really been useful imo.
  • If stealth is possible, there should be incentive to do it. Such as gaining more EXP for clearing an area with stealth than you would by running and gunning.
  • Having a better quest system/guidance for quests and such would be nice, or naming more things on the map instead of visiting everything in an area. (Yes I understand exploring is something you can do in this game but I’d like do actually be able to find things/do quests as well.


  • Pressing “Take” in a container closes the container, it should not. This causes you to open the container 2+ times if you don’t want everything in it, instead of taking everything and dropping what you don’t want.
  • The indicator for being found/noticed/whatever is too unresponsive, imo.
  • Inventory doesn’t stack the same type of items automatically, which is annoying.
  • Inventory should have a “split stack” option for multiplayer, or dropping an amount of something easy.
  • The mouse isn’t locked to the center of the screen/crosshair, which is kind of annoying, imo.


  • The game runs decently well for me on med-high settings (6700k @4.4GHz w/ a oc’d 1070) But with 100% (now 80-90% with one cpu core/thread unchecked in affinity)

I will add more to this as I play more and find/learn things.

Hi, I saw that you mentioned you were new to the game and thought I’d drop a couple more helpful tips on some of the issues you experienced:

The take function on containers allows you to highlight multiple items to take, not just one. It’s not really described clearly at any point so I can understand why that part was confusing

The spotting viewmode in the binoculars is mostly used to determine class, distance, and difficulty, BEFORE you purchase the skill that allows you to actually mark enemies.

Fireworks are great for spamming and running away, they provide a great distraction, granted that you dint hold them in your hand before throwing for too long.

Flares are purely used for misdirection. Thet will hard focus the point at where the flare is, regardless of what is near it. Sticky flares are incredibly useful once you find them for this reason.

I hope I at least helped a little bit with some of those problems. I also agree with many of your other issues (I.e. fall damage)

Hi! Thanks for your feedback, it helps the devs a lot. I’ll fill you in on some things:
Fall damage really is annoying. Fun fact: it’s actually calculated based on your current HP. If you’re at 2hp, you can drop 10 meters and only lose 1hp. I’m personally trying to get that changed.
Actually, as of the May update, loot does NOT respawn upon reload anymore, but after a 4hour ingame cooldown.
Quests are getting a major overhaul in the June update, solving stuck quests and making them more direct and clear.
Inventory stacking and general management does need a lot of work. It’s not the highest priority right now, but they’ll definitely get to it.
Crash issues and high CPU usages are constantly being investigated and improved.
You made some really good points! Have fun playing the game:)