My first interaction with a tank


hey guys, new in the forums but keen to interact more. ive started civering Gen Zero on my youtube, been streaming it a while on my twitch, i dropped this video of me and a buddy first coming in contact with a tank, or several tanks…enjoy

NOTE there is swearing and crap talking


Looked like you two had fun…


yeah man, this game is amazing fun if you dont take it too seriously


Eh…only swearing lvl1. If you would have played April 2020 difficulty, I guarantee you would have been saying 10 times the amount of swear words. :grimacing:


It’s great how the game manages to cater to the differing preferences of different players! Because I take the game very seriously, and that makes it so much more enjoyable for me.

I’m playing it solo, and I’m really enjoying that a lot more than I think I ever would playing with others. It’s challenging but not frustrating; the machines are a credible threat to me, but I am also a credible threat to the machines. All I have to do is be careful; I don’t just run around everywhere but I emphasize stealth first and foremost, I always try to be the one who initiates combat but I also don’t engage every enemy I see and I sometimes don’t engage the enemy at all and back out of a fight completely and run away if my gut feeling tells me I’d die. And careful planning is important to me. The greatest battles I’ve been in have been those where I carefully laid out landmines and other traps and lured the enemy into them.

Taking the game and everything in it very seriously helps me enjoy it more because I find it immersive; I feel like it’s how the character I’m playing would approach things and I get the feeling of being in the shoes of someone actually doing those things in that world.

That said, I also curse during gameplay. Sometimes things don’t go exactly like I plan and that frustrates me, which I know is caused by me taking the game perhaps a bit too seriously.