My First Solo Reaper

I mostly play co-op on ps4 and although I turned multi-player host to Invite Only after the cooler missions got completed by clients, I still had some challenges to complete. After a few trips to the tick cave at Bergsfrugrottan East to get the Scout tree Anarchy challenge done, I needed to go down to the South Coast for the Off the Grid challenge and loot 2 more FNIX harvester dumping stations.

No sooner than I had wiped a harvester and some hunters at Knaperanna Front Line Outpost and cleaned out 2 storage caches, the Reaper appeared right at Guteby Farm where I know there are enough FNIX generators for tier 3 of the Scout tree Off the Grid challenge!

I meekly took up position on the ridge west of Guteby Farm so I could watch the Reaper pace around north of Guteby Farm and duck behind the ridge for incoming missiles. Twice the Reaper charged to the barn NW of Guteby Farm and retreated.

It wasn’t until I took up position behind a telephone pole on the ridge that he decided to come up the hill. I fell back twice along the ridgeline until I was south of Lannbacka but the Reaper kept coming and I decided to make a break for Angeras Church.

Freshly restocked with 50cal and rockets, I foolhardily went straight for the belltower in the west end of Angeras while the Reaper waited in the woods to the north where I couldn’t get a clear shot so I had to be content to harass him with the S21 while I conserved my ammo.

Thankfully, his position due north meant he didn’t have a direct line of fire on the belltower and I still had enough room to hide behind the bell before I finally felled the beast by attrition as I did my best to launch a rocket before every AOE attack. Victory! :v:

Awesome! Did you get just rewards?

I took the liberty of adding some paragraphs. Congrats on taking down the Reaper!

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