My first tier 5 weapon!

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Congrats! Once I got the gold HK5 its all I use. That MP5 looking gold sub melts everything

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Speaking of very 1st 5* weapon, mine was .243 s-rifle from FNIX tank, back in the 4th of May 2019. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I think my first 5c weapon was either the 5c klaucke or 5c Ai-76. The ones that are placed. I got EXP weapons way earlier than 5c.

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Oh, man. The memories. My first Tier 5 weapon was the Klaucke in the back of the police car in one of those missions with the antennae, just before The Enemy of my Enemy. Sadly I don’t have a screenshot.

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First and only lvl 5.
The .50.

It nice, i’d like a nicer scope than green tho.

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A couple of times when close anyways I’ll go to the air force base in the farmlands and go though the buildings! I’ve found a few purple attachments hitting the area! On one run got a purple 2x4 scope, krist blue extended mag and krist blue barrel extender! Also found a extended mag for the 9mm glock(sorry can’t remember the game name for the gun brain fart lol)

My first 5* was the magnus that you can find at the artillery base in the marshlands, found it after watching a tenebri video lol

That 5* Magnus has to be a lot of people’s first 5* gun. I think it’s the only fixed drop 5* in the game that doesn’t need a mission done to appear, meaning it’s there from the beginning and you can probably run there and grab it the first thing you do. :slightly_smiling_face: And hey, it’s the only handgun you’ll ever need. :+1:

My first 5* weapon was a Automatgevär 4. I use it since there. It is my most beloved weapon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I think otherwise since it isn’t tied to any of the missions (aka no hint is given where it is and why it is there) and it’s placement behind the door, on the shelf, is very easy to miss.

My guess is that players 1st 5* weapon comes from FNIX tank they took down and it can be any 5* weapon. For me, it was .243.

@Aesyle The reason I think that is because I’m sure a lot of people go to the wiki to check out weapon locations. But of course, if you’re resilient enough to avoid “cheating” in that way, then the 5* Magnus is easy to miss.

Actually, the .243 rifle was my first 5* as well. Got it from a FNIX Harvester right outside Boo church. :blush: