My forest region bases have reverted back to neutral control points

Platform: Windows 10, Steam
Description: I had four bases in the forest region in my last game session. Now I have just started my game, only the Tylöveden base remains.

This is all I know at the moment. I’ve made no changes. This has changed between logging off for the last session yesterday and starting a new session tonight.
CPU: Intel Xenon E5-1620 v3
RAM: 32 GB
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
O/S: Windows 10 Pro 21H2
N/W: Cable 350MB/s

Update: The structures stand but there’s an unclaimed control point “stash” overlapping the communications center now.

I reverted to a previous save but it has not really shed any light on the situation since I had not claimed any control points 10 days ago. So my choice now is to play with bugged bases or to lose 200+ destroyed fuel tank components from the Weapon of Mass Destruction challenge :frowning:

Have had essentially the same Happen to me and since i have 0 command tokens and 0 bases I can no longer earn them.

Are you sure this is the same issue, where previously claimed bases get unclaimed? You’re just showing a map and your description just says you can’t earn Command Tokens. Have you tried doing a Base Assault? You should get tokens from that.

On your first screenshot I can see three fnix bases. Destroy them and you’ll get command tokens (10 for each). With 20 tokens you’re able to claim a control point.

To be honest, for me your issue sounds like the one where the first base you built (probably directly after the introduction mission at Sjöglimten control point) got lost after update 25 (?).
Additionally you seem to never have done another base assault, as you have just 0 command tokens.