My friends game keeps getting kicked/crashing while we play multiplayer

Hello! My friend and I decided to play after the update. (he got the game on the companion update day)
But while we were playing it suddenly said that he left the server, I invited him again and asked him what happened, he said that he got kicked then we just played again as normal and it happend again.
This time I tried joining his game and the same happened to me but the game didn’t crash. since that we have tried every day and the same things happened.

We play on computer but the xbox verison of the game, i’ve tried this on my xbox console too and I also got kicked a couple of times playing on his game. first we thought it was our internet that was the problem, because we both have bad internet. But it seems to happen even when we have good internet…

I really hope someone can do something towards this! it starting to get really anoying. But thanks in advance!

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I thinks this is a big of shock ammo

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There are already several threads open for this issue. The devs are already aware of it.