My friends save - Save data not found on PS5 after switching from PS4

My friend and I have recently got into gen zero until he got a ps5 replacing his ps4 and it reset everything in his story and inventory as well. Him and I used his server or multiplayer game to progress and without it were at square one. We really tried everything to get it back but to no avail we haven’t gotten his game save back. PLEASE HELP.

Afaik GZ stores the save game files locally and not in the cloud. I guess you have to copy it over to the PS5 manually.

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It’s a manual process that had to be done by the user I’m afraid. Cloud saves on PS need a PS+ account and even then there are steps you need to do to ensure they migrate from PS4 to PS5.

I’ve linked to a guide here.

I hope he still has access to his PS4 or enabled cloud saves!

I’m afraid this isn’t a bug with Generation Zero, but rather an issue with the way Sony handle save files / data migration.


Thank you so much we’ll try it and give you the results!


Did the files and saved data return?