My game is still loading

So, the game takes so much longer to load, if it loads at all. We are talking like 30 minutes and still hasn’t started. I am only getting the loading screen but when I go to steam, click on my game is saying “synchronizing with steam cloud”. Which has been turned off for the last 2 years with no problems.

Is this a new update that I need to BUY a DLC to unlock the game? Not sure which one because to support the devs I have them all just in hopes that these kinds of things would be fixed. Guess that proves me wrong.

Funny, most bug report lists get smaller the more a game matures, this game is just the opposite.

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Yep, seems like every big update they fix some things and then break a bunch more.

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After I click the icon for Gen Zero on my desktop screen the game states it is loading, and it takes forever. Then when I exit the game I close steam also, this screen pops up.

The game loads fine on my girlfriend’s computer when she logs into steam on my computer and tries to play the game this happens to her account also.

No other steam games causes this on my computer. And only happens when I try to play Gen Zero.