My ideas for features

Hi, here is my feedback for awesome features.

This game is ideal for base building, build defenses,
The ability to scavenge for parts and create turrets for example.
The ability to close curtains in houses to block view of the robots.
I would love the idea of NPC in the world trying to survive and fighting back.
*More vehicles.
Maybe a food and drink mechanic.
The idea to setup a home base and defend it and operate frome there and repel attacks would be cool.

More to comw


Uhm… you’re not playing Fallout, brother…
This game does not lend for that…

Note, GREAT ideas… but just not for this game, I think? :slight_smile:

Survival (Food/Drink) All for that, the harder the better I say.
Been asked by several as a matter of fact, you can do a search for that.

And yes, WELCOME!

Many of these suggestions have been asked many times before. The devs have answered to many of them;

Crafting is something that was planned from the start, but hasn’t been implemented yet. It’s definitely a popular feature requested by many, so we’ll see what happens :slight_smile:

Regarding vehicles, it’s been agreed that the map is currently is too small for vehicles faster than say, bicycles. Perhaps in the future though, as the game world expands.

NPC’s were just introduced, so I’m sure we’ll see more of them as the game evolves.

Survival mechanics like eating, drinking etc… Dunno. The devs have said that it strays too far from what they’ve envisioned for the game, but as a future gameplay option, who knows.

Base building seems to be a well-requested feature as well, perhaps an evolution of safehouses? I don’t think it’s been planned thus far, though.


Well I can stand by that…
I just wonder: would bases be actually suit this game, though?
Merely thinking out loud, I do that… XD

GZ isn’t base building, but instead exploration with small survival elements. For base building; Rust, DayZ and 7 Days To Die are good games.

Crafting was intended to make weapon mods and the like but that is removed from the game for time being and it’s unknown if it ever returns.

Machines can see you through solid walls and curtains as well, so, curtains would only make you harder to see machines.

Scenery is one of the best if not the best aspect of GZ and more vehicles will make players to miss a LOT of scenery. Bikes in the game are already quite a big stretch from the devs part.

Doesn’t happen. Latter was said by the big man himself (Paul, the product owner).

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Thing is this: one needs a MOBILE base so to speak, which is not quite… a thing.
Bases are paced, unmoveable constructs, and seeing you cover a LOT of area, it’s just… not really feasable?
Well, unless they give us a truck or large (double decker) bus we can use as mobile base…
But THAT would be prone to MASSIVE damage…

Battle Truck, anyone? (movie)


Haha, that’s a movie I need to check out. I suppose if we had the entirety of Sweden at our leisure, I’d definitely go for a mobile battle-truck of death :smile:

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OOOH: UniSOL truck?

PS: Battle Truck is not the greatest of movies, but still watchable.

Oddly… I actually could see a thing like this, a moveable Base or Mobile Command Center?
Even back then it was a thing in the army.
Well… WE had one… though darn primitive… :slight_smile:

What about a caravan as we have seen for a “safe house” on Himfjäll? :slight_smile:

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Ain’t that a wee boring?

It would fit the theme. We could also put out barricades like this safe house in the north of Himfjäll has done (or later with the hotel mission).

There is only one catch…


Wouldn’t make it any more interesting, a caravan…
How would you btw move it?
Hook it to a bike? XD

You didn’t ask me about the catch. -.-

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Damn, I’m not playing anymore.

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That catch was that I HATE BASE BUILDING.

Now I will never tell you.


I think it does.
I play this game solo.
The game now is basically run to icon on map pick up item and up to the next and kill some robots.
I want to be emerged in the world, the world can look pretty good on ps4 pro.
So I want to spend more time in it.


Well, I get that… that is, though, where safe houses come in to play?

On the base building subject, there’s not a lot of point to adding defenses. The entire point of the safehouses is that the machines can’t find them.

That said, I could certainly get behind the idea of safehouses being upgraded in various ways, possibly triggered by finding resources in the area. Adding things like ammo caches, medical supplies, or more advanced storage variants. (For example, a dedicated weapon storage locker, that you had to unlock access to at each safehouse. Maybe a weapon modification bench that stores weapon mods in large quantities.)

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I can agree there, sure (well, not quite the container one and similar truly small ones of course, since… place…).
Issue with a base is distance from objectives, even if centered.
A MCC COULD be something, but this would be -basically- a CAR type vehicle, which I (personally) dislike, since it is a tactical suicide.
Not to mention, cars in GZ seem to run on Nitroglycerine and explode even at the first lucky shot.
Basically, you’d be driving a bomb.
Also quite an unhealthy idea when a heap of machines are hunting you.

Atop: landscape: save for roads, GZ REALLY does not support motorized vehicles.
Considering sprinting down a stair can kill you, you REALLY do not want to drop 5 meters in a car filled with Nitroglycerine, would you? :wink:

So, not even an MCC would be a great idea.
LOVE to have it, but just bad juju…?

There’s probably something to be said for asking the player to choose between centralized bases or local safehouses that are closer to the action.

Partially, just, sitting here thinking about how you can scavenge for ammo in the bunkers anyway, so having ammo/medical caches late game wouldn’t really change that much, except smoothing things out. At that point, the ammo economy is more about how much you can carry and less about if you can find the supplies.

As for specialized storage units? Some of that might just be that my inner OCD collector impulse runs up, hard, against the inventory caps. I’d love to be able to stockpile weapons away. That said, on the whole, a system like that would kinda conflict with the existing Plunda box. So, might be a little late for that. If there’d been multiple storage types for weapons, addons, and then resupply boxes for Ammo, Medical Supplies, and miscellaneous consumables like flares. Probably with specific unlock thresholds for each item. Like, needing to find a cache of 5.56 before you can just start pulling that stuff from the boxes, or discovering a shipment of radios to add those to their box.

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