My List of Ideas of things to add to the Game

Xbox Series X
Solo player perspective.

First of all I want to thank the devs for their hardwork on putting together a really good game especially with limited resources.

I really enjoy this game, it’s beautiful, the environments, day/night cycle, weather and lighting systems are the best of any open world game I’ve played, and Ive played a lot of them. Hopefully it gets Ray Tracing in the future.

I’ve just started playing this game in April of 22. I wanted to wait until I beat the main story and both DLC’s before posting this. I know many of these ideas have probably already been suggested but hopefully I have some that are unique too. Anyway here’s my list, in no order.

Able to see torso, legs, & feet when looking down in first person.

Weapons & hands/gloves should get wet when raining.

Working mirrors - able to see your character in mirrors.

Add water/mud sound effects when stepping in puddles.

Hardcore/Survival Mode:
Always depleting health bar. Even when not in combat the health bar should slowly deplete based on time without food & water, and need for rest (you can rest at Safe Houses to refill your health bar to 100%).

No fast travel, players will have to depend on safe houses and field radios, and camp fires to save progress. Wood & accelerant should be used to create camp fires used as places to save progress.

Add consumables/loot like food & drinks to be used to keep your health bar up. ie. Food & water = 5 percent health. After all the NPCs need food & water to survive?

Alcohol consumable = temporary 10% bullet resistance but 5% more weapon sway.

Coffee consumable = temporary reduction in stamina drain while sprinting (you can sprint for longer).

Add animals like deer, wolf, moose, bears, that we can hunt for food & material. Maybe we can have a hunting grounds area.

Fishing - Add fish in water and the ability to fish in the game. Add designated fishing spots throughout the map at areas along the coast.

Writing on the white boards in bunkers. The white boards have nothing on them. Add some type of writing/lore, and side missions on them. I think one white board in the DLC has writing, we need more of that.

Loot in lockers. Lockers should be able to opened & looted like vehicle doors.

Bunker makeover. Each Bunker should be unique with unique looks, challenges, puzzles, & enemies. Those things are huge, they have so much potential to be more than mostly empty space. Atleast give them unique paint jobs, lol.

New enemy class. Humanoid

  1. Humans (real people)
  2. Super Humans - humans with advanced combat prosthetics (ie Cyberpunk)
  3. Androids - robots that resemble humans (ie Terminator)

Assign numbers to weapon Damage, Handling, and RoF stat bars in the Inventory menu to easily compare weapon stats.
For example, if the difference between a weapon stat is small, it’s hard to tell the difference just by looking at the bars, adding numbers would make it easy to tell the difference.

Weapons should have different weight. Why do they all weigh 2lbs?

Different controller button layout options for consoles. Give us more than one controller button layout. I’m left handed, I prefer to have the weapon wheel on the left bumper.

Console controllers have four directional buttons, two are unused. The unused ones can be used for quick access to inventory items.

Interactive world.
Ability to turn on radios and boom boxes without picking them up.

Ability to turn TVs on & off.

Working sinks, showers, & toilets. Just the ability to turn them on & off. Same mechanic used to turn on/off lights switches.

Ability to sit down on chairs, sofas, in 3rd person.

Ability to lay down in beds & sleeping bags in 3rd person.

Place rideable bikes in some detached garages.

New Emotes:
Camp fire emote. Animation where you sit down by a camp fire.

Lay down emote 3rd person view. Maybe have two animations, one for laying down on your back and another for on your side.

Smoking cigarette emote.

Holding boombox on shoulder emote.

Take a piss emote, male & female version, lol.

Posing with weapons emotes.

Option to track Assignments on screen reminder. I always forget about my Assignments.

Add skeet shooting mini game at some homes & safe houses.

Add shooting range mini game.

More hand animations, when pressing power buttons, press buttons on computers, turning valves, climbing.

Add latter climbing animation.

Better looking bushes around churches and houses. Bushes look too symmetrical, make them look more natural.

Add VCR’s and VCR tapes. Incorporate VCR tapes in the game somehow, maybe just have vcr tapes laying around tvs in homes. Would be cool to be able to watch some home video recordings relating to the story.

Improve bicycling so that we can go up small hills and go faster.

Add bicycle distance stat & Achievement for biking so many miles.

Low level worn (gray) guns should jam occasionally (in hardcore/survival mode).

Add wood loot in fire places.

Ability to Swing on swings. Some homes have swings in the yard, I want to swing in them, lol.

Make the stationary tower viewer binoculars usable. Example, two are located at Klacksundsfyren Lighthouse, we should be able to interact & use them.

Add a urban big city environment, like a destroyed downtown Stockholm.


That’s a lot of good ideas! There has been talk of hardcore survival mode (I support) along with the humanoid (terminator) bot. The only issues that these would have is 1. Survival mode could cause lag due to increased world entities, but if that was solved I see no problem with it. 2. Licensing for a terminator bot could cause problems, because it would have to look different enough from other designs that the devs won’t have legal issues. But in general I love the idea of a humanoid bot, we’ve talked about it in other threads.

I like the alcohol and coffee ideas too.

I like the emote ideas in general, but I not sure about the urination ones for this specific game.

You also talked about ray tracing and booshes. I liked those ideas for atmosphere changes, along with seeing your legs and the ability to flush toilets and stuff like that, I think that would add a lot of realism to the game.

When I say Terminator I don’t actually mean the character Terminator, just some generic human like bots. They’re plenty of sandbox open world online survival games with a lot more mechanics than this game, so not sure why it can’t be done in GZ. Thanks for your feedback.

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