My New Religion ;)


The Plundra is the new altar at which I worship… :smiley:


I had a funny reply thought out, but I’m afraid the subject of religion is too touchy, and I’ll end up getting kicked out! :joy:

Yeah, the Plundra is great. :wink:


And that is a bit sad, because I really enjoy a good laugh. Perhaps we could post a few pictures of kittens instead? :cat2::joy_cat:

Yes, bless the Plundra :pray:


Well on the plus side, here’s my first dead tank. It only took half the bandages from a major city hospital to take down (and some bullets).

“Argh, my head’s stuck!”

“Hey, cute butt…”

The end.


Cool! Congrats. (Spoiler alert!!!) Now you should consider finding its blind spot. (Hint: attacking from inside a building might help)


I find attacking from inside buildings helps in every case! The role-player/immersive geek inside of me though thinks that defending a wooden built house from a 100 ton stompy angry machine with huge feet would probably not end well, so I avoid that. The dodging about behind the cliff edge tactic works tolerably well when the machines in question can’t detect a route up the slope to get at me.

Some of my most fun fights have been in the hallways of houses. Its quite satisfying walking out into the sunlit silence of a garden littered with mangled smouldering machines and striking a cool pose with my shotgun over my shoulder… I do think its a bit daft that their machine guns and rockets can’t go through wooden walls though.


36 rounds later! Well done! :))


Oh, it took a lot more than 36 rounds!