My opinion on GZ and my hopes for the future of the game

Generall stuff

Well where do i start, i can just say that i love the game and it is one of my favorites and and really like the feeling and the atmosphere of the game. But i am worried that the future of the game will change it for the bad. Most of this i am saying is that the community is asking for too much, i know that you maybe want a special thing in your game that you like but if we keep doing that then the game wont be generation zero any more, it whould just be another Fps. Like some of the ideas for weapons was a musket and a bow and arrow. And i am not saying that all of these are bad ideas but what i am saying is that it some of them whouldnt be good in Gz. I think that we need to sharpen the game more, like upgrading the regions with more detail and more stuff like buildings to make the towns and communitys more like a typical swedish town. Like more civilian buildings like a library, paint shop, recykling station (these where just random examples). This whould make exploration more intressing and fun.


I think that the bunkers need some updating too, like one thing that i think whould be better is the realistic entrance to like a commandbunker. Here is a picture from a website where people visits swedish cold war bunkers and they posts pictures of them there. Here is an entrance to a Stabsplats witch is a command bunker.

These bunkers didnt have large open entrances but they had more like you see in this picture, more hidden and small. And there is a green door instead of a big red one. But most of the bunkers used red doors inside of them.
Here is a bunker in souhtern sweden. As you see the bunkers did look diffrent. That is a thing that i think whould be good to the bunkers in gz as then they are mystical small dark places where you dont know what you will meet. Here are the pictures.

I didnt take these pictures but i have been outside the bunker because see it when i am out and walking (i wont tell where it is). But i think the bunkers whould be better if they lokked like this. Not every bunker needs to look like ths but i think that the most of them whould be cooler.
Here is a link to the website where all of these pictures are from, look here if you want to see what i meant in this text about the bunkers.

The military

I think that the military just needs to get more setpieces that icludes; tanks, crashed helicopter (best if one because then it whould be a landmark) artillery, Pansarbandvagnar (dont know what that is in english) and places like a checkpoint.

atmosphere and ambience

I love it but how i whould like it to be better is to have more of the ambience where you feel like you are alone and cold, like when it is snowing you get that feeling that something is waching you. And one thing i really like is that when you are on himfjäll at night you can see lights at the other islands, it just makes an awesome feeling and look.

Missions and side missions
I like tem and there i dont know now what i whould want to change with them but maybe you know? but otherwise i think that we whould maybe have more side missions that are strange and mystical, like here is a mission that i thought of:

Name: Diving into the depths
Bio: In a flooded army bunker in the north coast had some intressing equipment, maybe even FOA grade weapons?

How it whould play; you get to the bunker and you open the big green door while a bone chilling ambience is playing. It opens with a creak and you turn on your flashlight. You come to a small and cramped staircase, you go down. You stop and you see that water has entered the bunker, the water is at the height of half of you so you can go further. You see a big red door that is half open, you go in and you see a body floating in the water, you see that it is a soldier with FOA:s insignia on the back. So FOA was at the bunker you think, but why where they here? You loot the room and you got an extended rifle barrel. You go out of the room into the hallway. You see boxes and junk lying on the floor under the water, you loot some of them and you get some ammuntion. You also find a dead tick on a wooden box. you continue.

now there is room with a staircase with two doors on the side. You see the remains of a battle, dead FOA personell (MP and sientinsts) behind barricades. You found weapons, all of them are rusty so you leave them there. You go into one of the red doors and in the first you find blueprints and diffrent machineparts and a runner with a strange device on it, maybe a device that makes it friendly? you loot and then leave the room, and in the room you also found a keycard, what could it be for? in the other room you find a map of the bunker. there is a loading dock and a wharehouse in the lower levels. But you cant go down because of the water. You go to the entrance of the bunker and now when you have explored the bunker a new interaction is possible, you go near one of the bodies and there is an option to bury them. you do that and now there is 8 graves outside of the bunker.

Thanks for reading!


I agree with this. Generation Zero is straying away from its initial direction, but not in an evolutionary way that shows the progress of its world. I don’t know how to properly explain it, so I apologize in advance. But basically, GZ has a problem with’s in-game story and worldbuilding. The revamps have mostly just changed a thing here or there, making set pieces. But not actually creating a variety of new types of buildings and improving it, instead, it has gone they “boarded up battle has been here kind of style”. Something I don’t neccercially mind but it’s becoming way too much. GZ has done well to capture the Swedish tone and atmosphere, but not simply not enough. There are no hospitals or like you said library and paint shops. The illusion is wearing off.

The new additions such as weapon packs, reaper and the home base in context to the game’s story present major plot elements and lore. But that either happened on advertising/ store pages or in the home bases case. Being another “plot happened without you, now do what we say”. The intro mission and update as a whole felt so disconnected to the resistance. Maybe this is because of the “release barebones fix it later” thing they are doing and they will actually add more lore and story proper later. But the reaper is actually the best example of extremely wasted potential. Finding it and wondering about it’s purpose at FOA4, it managed to create so much mysteri. But when it was released that sense of wonder and mysteri died cause it was another grind rng fest and when you did get it. The world doesn’t react, the resistance doesn’t know yet somehow the external forces being the objective card says, that the reaper has spawned and basically spoils everything about it.

I really hope the devs could every now and then go back and add to the world building and story without boarding up and destorying everything. Add a mission and story proper to things that should have something but never got it.


The games supposed story: find out where all the people went

The gameplay: there’s a Corpse there a corpse there a corpse there and ooooo that ones russian for some reason


First they should actually “end the game” by fixing it.

I think the Revamps make the game more interesting and they take too much time to be finished…but they don´t add almost any new type of building, there are no schools, no hospitals, fire stations exist but cannot be entered , the game needs a few more buildings types.

I Like the idea about the side missions, but those locations should be like dungeon missions, levels outside the world game (there would be a loading bar when entering), where you have to survive while you explore abandoned military bases, factories, ships, you can get good items but the risk is high, that would be amazing, a good idea for a DLC.

The plot is a bit weird and not very well connected, a easy way to fix that or at least fill that hole would be the option to replay finished missions and the introduction of side missions with certain objectives, a bit like the FEMTEL but more extended, replayable and with the resistance actually communicating with you.

This would not fix everything, but it would be easier and less costly than having many cinematics, long conversations and gigantic new missions and assets introduced.

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Yeah the game is bassically grinding simulator 2019 edition. That has become the endgame but for what reason? The items such as ammo and meds are temporary, by hoarding them to hoard more later seems insane to me. Having played Destiny since release (2014) but recently being burned out due to heavy FOMO, GZ is doing it far more worse. Beacuse GZ doesn’t have near the same amount of manpower and resoucrses as Destiny has. So it feels like the end content ie rivals, reaper and experimentals being just grinding and no story/lore seems like filler padding than actuall part of the endgame.

I feel like GZ is a game that got to big for it’s own good. By big I mean the map, like damn it’s B I G. But it’s quantatity over quality, as you probably know the game was buggy and messy at launch. With promises of fixing it later, withouth a road map it’s just a false promise. If managment or the devs whoever decided to release it at it’s choosen date, wanted the game to pull a No Man Sky …[insert funny laugh here]. It’s clear that they simply dont have enough time and resources, I mean look at the intro mission to the resistence update. It’s just blowing up a random FNIX base for action than boom random truck.

The game had the potentiall with it’s intiall story premise and atmosphere to become something with a strong identity and actually set ifself apart from similar games. But now I feel like it’s taking the cheap way out with “tell no show story” and grinding.

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What is FOMO?
I only played Destiny 2 for 6 hours, got bored .

Well my suggestion is still a cheap way out, it depends from them.

But yeh it´s sad they wont do a “no mans sky maneuver”, it´s an amazing game now.

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FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out. Some games like Destiny 2 have the season thing, an limited time event thing with unlocks that you have to level up to get. But it costs money and you want that value right? SO GRIND GRIND. I dont wanna go to a rant, but OH BOY the FOMO was strong AF in some seasons. Like it felt like working at the worst boring job possible.

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Ah that, i hate those kind of things.
Too much grinding is like having a second job, not worth it and not even fun.

Haven’t heard of the game “no mans sky maneuver” yet. What kind of game is it?

:sweat_smile: :rofl: “no mans sky maneuver” is having a broken game with missing features and transforming it in the success it is today.
It was easy to get there…

Well '92 that would depend on the reward at the end. In a simpler time, where gamers expectations were set by the developers and that’s what we accepted a grind was almost expected at some point. A game was only ever truly completed once everything had been found, collected, unlocked etc…

I’m gonna reference my Master Ninja playthrough on NG2 - the worst grind, by far in 25 years of gaming. Both emotionally, and financially - BUT, the reward was knowing that this was an achievement far, far beyond most players skill level - and to have it, well I came 6th in the UK, and still to this day has only been unlocked by 0.87% of gamers that played it.

I covered it in vision, and I’ll say it again - they need a feature that allows for player retention. If there’s nothing to come back for, even grind for - it’s not going to end well.

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Well this depends from personal opinions.
Mine is that games like EVE, Destiny , WOW and others with similar grinding systems are not fun at all for me, too much grinding, it´s like a second job.
Anyway in case you did not understand GZ is not at the same place as those games in terms of grinding, you can simply cheat by trading weapons or just find them, it´s much easier.

And as you said

They do indeed.

Nevertheless, World of Warcraft has been very popular for many years. So, the model of earning game currency there has its right to life.