My opinion on how skills can be better

The hacking skill has a really like chance to hack strong machines but you can’t make the chance higher so it is easier to hack the big machines

Also I have reached Max level and want to respec /change my points
Please Dev’s, at least think about this stuff thank you.

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Hi, I think it is impossible to give the opportunity to redistribute experience points. This will reduce the game difficulty . You will stop appreciating every ball earned in battle! When creating a new character and developing it , a new excitement appears . But this is my opinion.

I in general agree with you.
But there are 8 specialists, but just 4 character-slots. Of course, you’re able to switch earned specialists…if you spent your points for more than just one.

I think there should be more slots for characters or the possibility to change for example just the last spent point in total or the last per column.

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I feel that skill respec would be great. I believe that Pontus said on a stream something about that they may look into it!

Difficulty is decided by weapons, most skills have a small effect on the game.
Add cooldown to respec so people can’t exploit it

This has been mentioned across a lot of media formats and talked about a lot so I would think changes would be made.

IMHO, one way to remove a selected skill, without the ability being exploited, is it costs you the skill point and all the experience points with it. In other words, you drop a skill level to remove the skill. No refund or exchange policy. And it must be in the order you picked it.

Like the hack skill, you decide it sucks for you, but you picked it when you were at level 10 but are now at level 12. You must delete the other 2 skill picks to de-select the hack skill. It would cost 3 skill points (dropping you to level 9) to de-select the hack skill. Hard choices for some!

But it would give each player a chance to see if a skill is something for their style of play without having to start a whole new character, some of us (me) do not mind that process to much. Also, since deleting a character does not change the overall experience points, all the stats that a player gain, also does not need to change.


Hello. I will also agree with such a function .:+1:

Wouldn’t this be a problem if you picked a useless skill at level 3 and you have gone all the way up to level 31? I agree that there should be a “punishment” for respecing but having to potentially go back 28 levels? Wouldn’t it be better to have to grind required xp for the level you got that point + X amount of xp? I think so at least. What we also could have is that after level 31 you gain the ability to respec a point after a specific amount of xp have been earned, this way the player wouldn’t get punished and ‘forced’ to grind xp but instead rewarded for it.

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First 12 levels should be for things like increasing health, speed and carry capacity. Why would you want to back up that far? If you decide 28 levels later or around 30 to 50 game hours later you don’t want a skill then yeah, it should cost you. But why not just start a new character? You gain a lot of experience points quickly at the start of a new character. That would be a better choice.

The whole Idea is to make the player make GOOD choices and not just try a skill, play a little and toss it without it costing much.

An example would be the skill that increases experience points gain from each event, it becomes useless at level 31. If you could use it early, gain points faster and then toss it at level 31, where is there any penalty? Grind a little and you get a free skill point. But if it costs you 28 skill points, would you pick it at all?

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There shouldn’t be penalties for respec’ing. Most other games do this for free. It allows the player to experiment and not get turned off by the prospect of losing time and effort into a skill that gets wiped out. Because that’s what you are doing if you are penalizing a player for respec’ing.

Realistically, people don’t learn something and forget it so easily. So, IMO, all skills should be available, provided that it can be taught somehow (through missions would be a good way rather than just picking it from a skill tree). This is why games like Zelda or Dying Light are successful because they don’t make you create 4-5 characters just to experience the whole game.

I only played this game once so far for about an 1.5 hours and that was yesterday. I’m already finding things I wish were in the game. Like climbing (why can’t I climb over a 4 foot tall stone wall?) or other ways of healing (since there’s no health regeneration). Getting to level 2 took way too long.

The only thing keeping me interested is the idea of exploring. The skill tree is very generic and uninteresting, especially the idea that I can only pick one skill to “specialize” if I remember correctly. There are real life people that are skilled in multiple specialized careers, etc., and that ability should be in this game. Let the people who put the time and effort in the game learn more skills. Why not create special missions to unlock the skill, or just make each skill you learn increasingly cost more points the higher level you go (makes you prioritize what skills you want now as opposed to later, as they will cost more later)?

There’s ways around this to make all players happy. I’m a programmer myself (as a hobby) and played my own game (text adventure) and made changes to make it more fun. Too many restrictions takes away the fun.