My questions/Feature requests for the devs

I have 2 things I wanted to ask about/request.

1st thing is there going to be any more major map expansions (like you did with Himfall) the reason why I am asking this is because the island north of Himfall was updated on the map, so I wanted to get a straight answer from the devs themselves if at all possible.

2nd thing is can we make it so we can the small barricade structure on top of the pillboxes in base building?

The question is, when and how was it updated in your eyes?

As far as I know there was a great map update at least two years ago, which for example added roads at many places. I guess they changed the way the map was built and from that update on it automatically showed everything by the used asset or texture or material.
By that, they don’t always have to rebuild the map manually as it generates itself.

From what I heard in the past streams they don’t actually have plans for extending the playable area, which doesn’t mean that they won’t do it some day.
Just let’s hope, they will do it… There would be so much wasted space otherwise :wink:

The ingame map has been updated several times through the years, both to improve visuals for the playable areas that recieved revamps, and just to add more detail.

But the other islands have been largely untouched. They’ve always had roads ingame, but beyond that the details like the airstrip and whatnot have always been there on the map; however ingame it’s just empty space.

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from what I can tell the island north of himfall had its roads on the map updated recently havent been over near the bridge to be able to see anything other than that

I don’t think so, but I have no prove.
Maybe @Gysbert has some of the older map-versions in his archive and can provide them for comparison.

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I believe its very unlikely they will make a DLC on one of those 3 islands.

So the real question is
When are they going to finish the current Map? The mountain region is almost the way it was before 2020, and there are a few areas around the map still in the same situation, contrary to the rest of the Map which has been revamped between 2020 and 2023.

The topography of the world is regularly improved qua graphics, which was mainly generated by the game’s engine, that’s why the look on the other islands can seem changed. Colors more vibrant, and roads more articulated. The roads on the big island was there from the beginning. But on the most North Island ─ I call it Fårö - Sheep island ─ there were no roads there in 2021. They came with the Landfall update 7 Feb 2022.

Detail of 2021 map

Detail of 2024 map

Here is a gameplay map from before Alpine Unrest (nov 2019)

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Me and my friend tried to get to the northern island by compressed air canisters and it said “you do not have the dlc required” like it does for heimfall, and it has no coralation to heimfall dlc because we have the dlc dor heimfall but it still locked us out. So my theory is the are working on dlc for it

As I understand it, the devs did originally have plans to make use of each of the large islands…but, over the years, and with changes to staff, plans changed. At this point, supposedly, they no longer plan to ever make use of those other islands…

But, plans can still change. Who knows. We can dream, anyway.

I had hopes we would eventually see that larger airfield, over there. Something like a major civilian airport, wide open terminal building, windows all blasted out, Runners and Seekers or Lynxes roaming around inside…elsewhere, a mall, similarly wide open inside, with those same machines free to come and go…major missions, major safehouses, more story, more NPCs… But, ahh, maybe in another game, if they keep the GZ concept alive for another installment.