My Requests for the game

In the future of an update can you add grenade schematic and maybe add more levels for our builds, and maybe for new weapon idea how about a grenade launcher of some kind

Please name your topics something more specific in the future, not just “request for the game”, make us understand the topic’s content before clicking it.


Adjusted the title and moved to #feedback-feature-requests. @Generation, please post in the right forum sections and try to keep your requests in this thread if it concerns the same topic.


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Can you maybe a 1 times holographic sight into the game

Welcome to the forum. I guess you’re not just new to the forum but new to the game, too. Excuse me to say this, but holo sights are just too young/too modern to fit the games time.

Of course, there are many sci-fi aspects in the game, but there are also many things which are made just because it is set in the late 1980s.

Maybe you’ve got other ideas that could fit?


Maybe add grenade schematic to the game

Merged with main thread.


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