My resistance home base doesn't exist anymore

Hello I am on xbox 1 currently and when I wanted to fast travel to my home base it didn’t let me. When I decided to check the resistance base I saw that my base was completely reverted to the the original FNIX walls and center piece. I checked my quests and I have the mission completed destroying the fnix base and unlocking the resistance base. I dont know what to do without the resistance base I can still destory the fnix wall in the past but I can’t place the c4 to destroy the central node of the fnix base since the quest is already done. Ive tried resetting my game but nothing happened. I hope it gets fixed soon because I can’t do the base defense anymore for the exp blueprints

I’m having the same issue bro. It’s been a week, but nobody replied how to fix it when I made a post… might be a recent active bug… whatever it is. its. Got. To. Go.

I’m having the same issue. I am also unable to see any rivals or region levels. Sucks. It happened to me right after the hotfix

I’ve had the same issue on PC, but, if I save, exit out and reload, my base is back. Has happened about 3 times so far.

I have an update on my situation. Somehow all my dlc’s got deleted for no reason after reinstalling them nothing has changed all my regions except Himfjäll island lost their level and rivals. The resistance base stayed the same it’s still the FNIX base before the quest and I still have the quest completed. Now I really don’t know what to do.

I guess your savegame is broken somehow. :man_shrugging: