My Review of the Game

This is by far the best game of 2019. The graphics are great, the sound effects and the mechanics are awesome. The only thing I dislike is whenever I pressed continue, it spawns me back at the last place that had a stash box. For instance, Myself and two other friends played together for half an hour. We made sure the game saved before logging off. When we got back on, the game put us at the last place with a stash box. We went back to the place where we originally logged off, it took twenty minutes to get back. This has happened every time we log into the game.

Well, you continue your game starting from safehouse. If you could start your game at any point of map where you logged off, next time you’d be spawning in, you could be surrounded with enemies and killed at an instant.

Ironically there are more than a few safehouses that have enemies spawn inside them or around them a good portion of the time. There is one in farmlands that just an outside lean-to with a fire pit north on a small hill north of two large farms. Every time I spawn there a pack of dogs or five hunters will appear right in front of it and there is no place to hide or take shelter. Uttern Bunker always has multiple FNIX dogs waiting between the spawn point and the Plundra. There is another outdoor camp with no shelter in the north coast or maybe marshlands near the mission with the Inn that likewise always has runners or hunters right there when you spawn. There is a warehouse safehouse south of the lighthouse in I believe South Coast that has repeatedly had two FNIX Hunters and multiple runners standing literally two feet from me with their upper bodies clipped through the loft instantly shooting.

I’m okay with the way the game uses safehouses as a mechanic and understand how that makes the saving system simpler from a programming perspective. However I do wish they were actually “safe”. I don’t even mind machines being spawned outside the walls of a safehouse but in the case of the camps with nowhere to take shelter I don’t think that should be allowed, and certainly some steps should be taken to ensure machines can’t actually be inside the safehouse with you when you spawn.

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To top it off there are safehouse houses that spawn ticks inside.

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I am not sure why, but I don’t think I encountered a single instance where there were any machines inside the safe house or ‘area’ (in case of camps) when I spawned in.

Maybe because I started playing only recently?

As far as machines near safehouses go;

  • Vesslan bunker (Archipelago) had tick spawn issue some time ago (haven’t checked it recently).
  • Uttern bunker (Mountains) didn’t have runner (military and FNIX) issue but one of the patches (June or August) put them there.
  • Dyvik safehouse (Archipelago) has had 1x proto runner outside since launch.
  • Lilla Hammarnäs safehouse (the one on the small hill in North Farmlands) has had FNIX runner patrol or military hunter patrol near it since launch.
  • Hemmanskogen Logging Camp (Marshlands) was safe spot until November’s update. Now, there can be FNIX/apo runners or FNIX tank just outside of it.

Most safehouses actually have machine patrols just outside of it’s boundaries. Others that i can recall include: every church safehouse, with maybe one exception: Boo church.

But the very room or spot where you spawn in is off-limits to the machines and once you spawn in, no-one is going to drop you on an instant. Also, machines doesn’t venture inside safehouses.
E.g i’ve had church’s big main door open with several FNIX hunters and runners outside. No-one comes in to deal with me. Only way i got the hunter inside the church was to trigger it’s jump and melee stab attack. Hunter ended up inside the church but after it’s attack, it just stood still and we faced into each other’s face until i decided to ice it.

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As I said in at least one safehouse (a warehouse on the south shore from the lighthouse in south coast) I have had hunters and runners inside within a few feet of me at spawn-in, with the hunters clipped through the the floor because you spawn on the narrow loft in the back of the warehouse above the small strip of offices and the hunters are inside the offices downstairs with the top of their bodies extending above the loft floor.

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That is a spawn bug in game and would merit reporting. Also, one safehouse out of what, close to 100 safehouses in game has it?