My save file is mis-behaving at the moment

my save file is mis-behaving at the moment, ever since the update I will get somtimes when re-entering the game the privacy policy thing will pop up and my menu is empty, with only New Game Option, I keep going back to save file just before that one & somtimes it will save, so I’m doing small 15 minutes runs to make sure a save happens, anyone else having issue at the moment

thankfully no, no issue here on my PS4, though after pretty much any engagment I make sure to go into my inventory to trigger a save. with as many corrupt file errors I have had its just a habit now so I don’t lose anything

i get the save icons all the time, but it’s like the roll of the dice on which save icon to exit game on, :dizzy_face: , because it’s like the save icon is doing 2 things at random chance :cold_sweat: either saving my game OR wipeing my save file completely but still leaving the save file on my PS4 under data management looking completely normal

thats really odd… sorry I have no clue what the problem is or what a solution can be. don’t wanna lose those gnome masks I know :rofl:

i back-up save on 2 USB drives in rotating, so I also know 1 save file is always safe while the other might look normal, until I can figure out what’s going on, and can fix later

looking through the interwebs it seems it can happen with just about any game. most of the posts say to double check all your profile setting in the PS4 itself

I’m 100% complete in the game, :nerd_face: with the exception of 3 augmentation designs left, I’ll just have to do them in short 15 runs and hope for a save in my favor, I’m not losing my data, not when I’m this far in the game, not giving up now, no way, no how

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I would look through all your account management stuff and profile setup. might be something just got wonky.

unless there is an issue on startup that you are not linking correctly to the third party Apex thing… never understood games that do that, but whatever…

this might be a stupid ?, but would the amount of guns in my FMTEL rewards trunk & my other overweight characters with over 100 guns have any thing to do with it, what’s the max GB on PS4 memory, attachments and other stuff also, maybe a save can’t be made

i like collecting guns, even if there not real, :nerd_face:, but if I must

im a hoarder and like collecting guns

when you like your guns to much to get rid of them :rofl: lol

and apparently that’s what it was :face_with_monocle: for the last 2 hours, going threw my characters and deleting some of the over 400 guns & attachments off my 4 characters, the PS4 always shows 16.78 mb, no matter how much data your using, but I’m on PS4 and can’t see the folders & files like computer folks can, my guess is 16.78 mb was hitting & I was doing something the save file couldn’t handle

LOL, well at least you found the problem and solved it. hope you got a ton of weapon parts from all that!