My second ps4 pro doesn’t have any issues 1.05


My wife’s PS4 pro doesn’t crash at all. Allows me to join her.


That’s great to hear! I hope all the other PS4’s will also pull through, soon


I had to reinstall mine, making me lose all progress, but it got rid of the constant crashing. So far it crashed once.


Hers did crash after a few hours of playing but I was blown away watching her grab all and single items: it wasn’t till way later she finally crashed getting ammo from a bot.


Lol I keep getting crashes from simple yet stupid things, firing at robots, looting cars, looting caches, accepting missions, going into houses, picking up guns, the list goes on. The June patch should be pushed up to asap and fix these bugs wall glitches are not cool (LOOKING AT YOU HUNTERS)


I feel your pain about the hunters, they are a plague on this Earth.


Hunters are easier for me now days. I use gold version mp5 and I got the purple mag 43 rnds. It seems to recoil and spray fast. I also tend to use exploding emp at them while using your environment.


Lmao I’m talking about those that are just joining generation zero, it’s an eyesore to see hunters glitch through a barn wall or hell into a living room of a house if you have bad luck


Not so great for experienced players when 4 glitch into a barn at the same time and you can’t get out (where there are another 3 of them)

I hate Hunters


Why would you take cover in a large door barn?


At least when you’re in a barn you can move around and maybe escape out a door :slight_smile: when they glitch through a house and they’re in the doorway you’re SOL. And if it’s in anything smaller they get on the roof and hit you through the roof


True. But I’m at the point I’ll throw sticky flairs on the hunters lol than I got some back up taking one at a time


Ran in there because that was the only place there was also those crazy wall and those closed door things that don’t exist sometimes :wink:

There were 7 or 8 of the damn things that all turned up at the same time.

If there had been an open door I would have been away into the distance, flinging flares for all I was worth.


Does 7 or 8 hunters in a single pack seem like too much? Or is that feasible if you’re fighting them and have cover in the environment to help and they aren’t coming through the walls?


Normally I don’t have a problem with 7 or 8 provided I can get playing hide and seek with them, especially if there are houses and cars nearby.

Hitting the electrical boxes will EMP their asses (and I think cause blast damage) and a car or gas storage tank can thin their numbers very quickly.

If you can get some cover and there are cars the .50 will (or used to anyway) ignite a car or storage tank in a single shot.

As you can guess I love environmental take downs, and to me feels better than actually fighting to the death.

But if you have to make for a building and 3 or 4 simply glitch through a wall in unison you are in trouble


Using the envionrment to your advantage is part of the game, and I think they did a good job of giving us multiple ways to use it in fights. I agree they are pretty cool!

Thanks for the feedback. I would say 7 or 8 might be a few too many, but i’m not as good at the fighting aspect of the game so it might be well balanced already :slight_smile:


I’m quite poor (don’t have the twitch reflexes anymore) but I have a nice MP5 and AK that make a bit of a mess out of things