My suggestion for FOA2

FOA2, for the ones that don’t know the location, is a large military base located far north on the map. It features a currently unaccessible fortress area, with a large double door for entry. The fortress is above ground, and surrounded by tall walls.

Personally, I think this would be the perfect location for a boss fight. That said, it would have to be a brand new kind of enemy, an experimental “super machine”.

This area would only be accessible for players that progressed far enough through the storyline, since it would be a mission-triggered boss battle.

The fortress, which I am going to call the “Arena”, is mostly circular. So the boss can spawn in the center, and have runners spawn around the base of the walls (probably through cargo lifts that raise containers with runners).

The mission would task you to find and destroy the experimental machine. The machine is not yet finished, so it can not move much from it’s central position, where it is attached to the Arena’s power supply via cables that run down it’s legs.

Talking about the legs, they would be the key to destroying it. The body of the machine would be indestructible. The only way to take it out is by destroying the power cables on each of it’s legs.

My concept art for the boss:

8 legs, wir tank machine guns and hunter smoke grenade launchers scattered across it’s hull. It’s more of a mobile command bunker than a machine.

The Arena would have decent cover with buildings scattered about, but you would be attacked from multiple sides with runners comming from the walls and the boss at the center.

Loot wise, the tank would drop unique clothing items and a guaranteed experimental weapon, in addition of a large ammount of ammunition and explosives.

That’s all I’ve got for now, suggestions are welcome.
Just my 2 cents.


That is a lovely idea! I like it! A large machine that you need to plan and co-work to destroy smartly.

The FOA2 place looks very exciting, a bit like a prison with the high walls. I was thinking it could also contain prison cells with experimental machines in human size standing in different cells. It would be thrilling to search through dark cells and rooms and from time to time, run into these lab-experimental-machines. If they are human size they can also hunt you where ever you run :slight_smile:

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A terminator style machine would also be cool, agreed. But idk how it would pose a different challenge from a hunter when you’re out in the open.

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I just finished drawing this, I think it would be cool to have as a new machine. (Sorry for my drawing skills, I was in a hurry)! It would also fit a boss fight, like you mencioned.

1: the shock pulse module for melee attacks
2: runner pods. I know these don’t exist, bit I thought it would be nice to have a bigger deployable machine.
3: rocked pods. These are for a more long range attack, so it wouldn’t be practically defenceless.
4:seeker pods. These are for more protection. If you don’t take out the pods, you’ll be swarmed with seekers and other nearby enemy’s.
5: stomp. This us another melee attack.

The name I thought of was Swarmer. I think it fits it’s functions and fits the theme of all the other machines.


I like the idea! i have a suggestion,this machine could create (spawn) runners :wink: .


Generation Zero almost reminds me of the movie, Virus (1999) with Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Sutherland. It’s about Machines took over the Russian Navy Ship and using humans to harvest into machines.


It even have ticks alike (machine spider crawling and jump on people to shock it)

It got me wondering where all the civilians in Generation Zero. I only seen military personnel deaths. It would be cool to harvest people into machines for FOA2.


Great movie! It was really scary when i was a kid.

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