My thoughts on Generation Zero

GenZ is a fun experience overall, with a great atmosphere, nice graphics, but at the end of the day it’s not enough, and I don’t want to troll or anything but truth be told (it’s my opinion), when I play the game I have the feeling of playing an unfinished game and since it was fully released about 2 years ago I tend to be less forgiving.

I also take into account that Avalanche ain’t the biggest studio either, but nowadays, the video game industry habits of releasing “unfinished, unpolished” and buggy games (when full release) are kind of a “standard” (to respect release date at the expense of consumer who pays for unfinished/buggy games) and I can’t promote those sorts of practices.

When I buy a product, I like to be in a good state, when I’m working, my boss likes that my job is well done (if not I would most certainly lose my job), so in my book, there are no excuses, but people still buy and will continue to do so at launch, for those reasons studios will still release buggy games, this is a sad way the world of gaming has taken for quite some time now, but hey … money rules the world I guess.


I see the game as done but I agree that there are some problems, but many of these problems are either optional or fun. For example the grg glitch was really fun to use, you think it was to op? Well don’t use it. For the bad bugs there aren’t really any that are too bad. The game crashing bugs are often top priority for the team and they are all doing their best. I really like this game and I feel the one thing I want is a solid ending, perhaps in a DLC, and then of course I wouldn’t mind more bug fixes. The game has quite a complete feel according to me and after 500+ hours of gameplay on Xbox and PC I feel the biggest game breaking bugs I’ve encountered were the super har difficulty in early 2020 and the crashing at the really small bunker near Boo. I love this game and I feel it being unfinished is just better because we get to go on this amazing journey discovering new locations, new features and new enemies.


Agree with this. I believe that Generation Zero shot itself in the foot by not being advertised as early access. While that title would give the game a bad rep even before it’s out, with consideration of the history of early access. It would at least made the deal clear, because really it is an early access game. Just disquised under the typical marketing jargin.

And you’re not wrong Kane51, to think that it still feels unfinished. Almost all the post release features are still in the “fix it later phase”. Even the latest Resistence update feels like that. But honestly this is a shame because Alpine Unrest was peak GZ, I can almost recommend that more than the base game. “New features” at least to me feel like they don’t really have much thought put into them game design vise other than being something to do. To pad out the grinding for the temp items, and at the same time not giving much effort to the games story. GZ had the potential, some say it still does but I have a hard time to see why.


Glad to see that there are people who like this game, and are robust players. :+1:


I don’t agree with most of the things you guys said but I do agree that it should have stayed in the early access period a bit longer. I think they can turn this around and make it even better.


I think you misunderstand me. It never was in early access, it was released like any other normal game. What I’m saying is that it should have been early access. Sure they can eventually turn it around, I want the game to succeed even if it’s current direction is taking away the grounded and dark tone the game was initially advertised as.

But big emphasis on eventually, because they intentionally released the game unfinished. We shouldn’t applaud (unless it’s actually early access) games that do this. They can promise this and that, but in the end it’s a promise not a guarantee. Espcially if we don’t know what they are even working on.


I understood you (but I might have phrased my wording a a bit weird) and I agree with this entire message, I also agreed with your point of the game peaking in alpine unrest!

I can see what you’re saying, in my opinion, this isn’t one of those games that you get all at once. As the game evolves the player does too. Rn the game is in a position where it can move onto very good places, at the pace of the player base. If they tactically release updates to where people are just finishing up the last set of content went the new one comes out, I could this being an extremely fun game. As of rn it is in a sorry state, but I don’t see that being a constant. I agree though, they shouldn’t have promised a full game when it is still in production.


Hi everyone, I just want to say that I enjoy many aspects of the game and I think there’s potential but at the same time my main concern (and it’s not only with Avalanche, but it’s also affecting many other vid. game studios, I don’t blame devs for that), is the fact that they release games in unfinished/buggy state.

I wouldn’t even consider writing my thoughts on the matter here if I didn’t think GenZ have no potential I would just move on, but the atmosphere of the game is really good (IMO), hope they emphasize more on that with a better game ending, improved inventory management and bug fixes (physics mostly) than base building because like JoJo_the_memedealer said the dark tone was what hooks me in the first place.

Really hope the game does well in the future and wish the best to the Avalanche team because I’m not writing this to be the “jerk”, I’m just giving my two cents.