My Thoughts on GenZero


Hello :slight_smile: I just wanted to thank you for making a great game & enjoy it very much always wanting more!

The atmosphere is great,the story line is is quite unique also. Just thought i would mention a few ideas if they are beneficial like a silent robot that stalks you, deep underground hidden base that you take an elevator shaft down into, some type of mutated humans from the radiation in small pockets on the map from the robot mastermind experimenting or even cyborgs, your own deploy-able aerial drone to scout ahead, that’s all that comes to mind at the moment.

The direction you are taking the game is great! I’m impressed! the only flaws i feel are when making a second character it would be good to be able to do a second play through as i am sure you would want people to be playing more! farming tanks is fun & the rival system has made it better, repeatable missions might be a good idea like dailies or weeklies for special apparel or weapons?

after the Fnix rising patch the robots seem a bit slow they stand there like bullet sponges, personally i liked how hard it was before it took more skill having to listen when the apoc hunter shoots his grenade launcher & moving quickly! bra adjö.


I would like the stalker robot that hunts you down when you have a lot of points in a region, kind of like a rival but tracks you down throughout all the regions.
With the mutants and the cyborgs, that is a little bit too advanced, keep in mind that this takes place in the 1989-1990, not 2050, what I really liked about this game is that its more bound to reality, as even though the machines have a wide variety of weapons, all of it is still considered 80s technology, besides the poison tipped bullets and the wall of flame and all of the apoc weaponry. A drone wouldn’t be that far fetched, as seekers litter the map and have the highest chance of getting hacked. I could totally see us hack into seekers to see what else is in the area.
People have been asking the devs for having your new characters play separate games, and personally, I would like that.
I would also like repeatable missions, like say, go on a supply run for the resistance or fight off a couple waves of machines that are attacking the resistance bases. What would also be pretty cool is establishing new outposts for the resistance in the Archipelago Region or the Southern Farmlands. I would also like some repeatable missions to be finding other people that can join the résistance. I would also like some harder difficulty, and people have a discussion about it in this link PLEASE add April 2020 Difficulty as an option in the future


Nice i totally agree! the idea with the seekers sounds great, i was just thinking about the cyborgs or something like it due to when you go into the cave or tunnel in Alpine unrest some of the dead resistance fighters have ticks on their faces, what are those ticks doing to them :slight_smile:


I think that’s a half life reference