My thoughts on machine guns

These are my thoughts specifically not being influenced by anyone.
Kvm 59:
This weapon is shreds at 5* and is very good looking.
A bit questionable that the mag is bag. Acog sights on this thing look disgusting.This Weapon outputs low amounts of damage but is balanced when you get a bigger mag size. Good for hunters, tanks and especially harvester. Find a better optuon for runners. Not counting seekers(easy to kill overall). This weapon is not very easy to handle easpecially with explosions happening.
Kvm 89: Bit dissappointing at 5* especially if you do not have an increased mag size. However its firerate is significantly faster than the kvm 59. Handling is a bot better when compared with 89. When i used this in combat i was fairly dissappointed with how it hanldes as a primary. It is better off being used to finish an enemy instead (not including runners and seekers).