My thoughts & suggestions

Right, so errrrr. You developers have taken your Hunter : Call Of The Wild and took a massive reversal spin on it where we’re the hunted. Love what I’ve played of it so far, despite any glitches and bugs I’ve come across, as that happens in most games regardless. So I can look past them (reported them too)

I like the game, and love the general feeling it gives out. However Me and my wingman have a few things we would like to suggest or advise and don’t know if anyone else agree’s with this subject. We think there has to be the occasional A.I. survivor, or one bit of life going on. Like a survivor who won’t leave the bunker but just something to keep it going and less alone if you’re going solo.

And which comes to this part. We think the game needs some extra roaming bots going about, as a few times me and mate not bumped into many unless its a town or somewhere important. Which leads to this big big suggestion… We think the houses need the occasional hidden little bots to jump out and scare you and attack. Not in all of the house of course but in most or a random generation to do it. Cause me and my mate literally just running into a house and scavenging away like mad. Where as we would like that feeling of going into a house knowing it could have potential mini bots in it and going slow and making sure it’s safe and clear.

Part from all that, I still have big high hopes for this game, I’m definitely placing it into my future purchases. And hope that these ideas help along your journey to the full release.


The ability to open the large windows or a melee strike to smash them, would like to open windows and being able to escape a house when surround. Cause there only a few building with a balcony to escape over if need too.


yes! we need to have a few jump scare/turn the corner “oh no a bot” moments! maybe add the Tick bots inside select houses (non scripted so we can’t prepare beyond always being prepared) and either increase the toughness of the patrols, or increase how many bots in them…more often I can run huge swaths of land without a single bot in it…I get they focused on places of dwelling, but they should also be smart enough to know that their prey is going to hide in more…out of the way locations after the towns are emptied.

would also like to see random occurrences, like a crippled bot that the others use to draw you out, a downed human calling for help(or a radio recording of one, to draw in the unwary), a “broken” bot that you get close to and it turns out to be alive etc.


I totally agree with all the ideas you came up with. Roaming enemies, enemies in houses and breakable windows would liven the gameplay up for more dynamic and challenging gameplay!

Seeing a survivor or at least someone to give you objectives or similar might be a nice touch, but there’s a chance that the story line is dependent on the fact that there are literally no people left. I suppose we’ll see!

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All good ideas too! I love the idea of crippled bots that trick you. Stuff like that to keep you on your toes would be fantastic!

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These bots need to be able to open doors. How scary are they if a doorknob stops them?

Add locks to the world that we can find. Make them scarce but allow us to lock a house if we need a safehouse. Locks without keys so we have to mele them and destroy them when we leave our safehouse/save point.

It will help keep the tension up. As of now robots just hang outside.

Destruction added to window glass would be nice. I’d like to be able to throw a radio or flare out of a window to draw enemies away from the front door… since you know, all the houses only have 1 door.

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Now i like that idea, using a crippled bot as a bait and think your about to kill it off and not realising several bot awaiting for an attack. Or like you said, trap bots, your about to get some stash from it and then it shoots up. Definitely probably need searcher bots that roam out of the house areas. Hunter type ones.

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Now this I like too, I ran into a house at some point and the front door didn’t get closed. As I ran back, its like the bots just ran side to side, plus I had a few easy kills as a bots head was showing through the wall, left of the front door.

And one point I got trapped in a house where the front door was only way in and out. And loads of bots was roaming around the house trying to get to me, I had to use shotgun to shoot out the bigger windows so I could keep getting at them when I could. I just think a melee button would of helped smashed windows up to save a round or two. But also an ability to open a window to launch yourself from so you can run to another building or run like hell that they give up on you. Cause Ive only seen few house with a few other doors and ones with a balcony upstairs.

And so would love the idea that if bots find 4 of you friends in a house holding out that they get confident and start either breaking the doors down and will eventually get in. Like some scene out of Jurassic Park :slight_smile:

I do agree the players are the only real survivors and maybe the end of game is that you find the final survivors. So I could understand not having many A.I. Survivors.

But totally glad you agree that the house need a little more immersion to them. Cause me and my mate discussed that it was just run in and grab and go. There was no, don’t need to stop and check cause I’m safe in a house. Need that extra little threat going on, you need that thought in your head, go in slow, check the rooms, one open the door as others cover you.

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