My weapons somehow merged (ps4)

So on Ps4 in a singleplayer instance, I had accidentally pressed some wrong buttons while trying to switch between my sniper and my shotgun, where all of a sudden my shotgun merged into my sniper in inventory space… I can still equip the sniper and it functions normally and I can still equip ammo into the shotgun, but I have no way of using it whatsoever

Interesting! That never happened to me weaponwise but other items have like merged into each other in the inventory, kind of like you’re describing.

And all of a sudden I had two scopes attached to my AK5! That happened just the other day. I then removed one of them and it popped up in my inventory. When I removed the other scope it too popped up in my inventory but at the same time the first scope disappeared. So it was in fact only one scope…

Do you have a screenshot of your inventory with the weapons like that? Have you tried to move one or the other weapon from the slot?

I’m also on PS4, just to be clear :blush:

Not yet, I may be able to grab one though, I have tried to move them from the other slot and it always has picked up both and moved them as a group to the different slot

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Ok… maybe dropping them (and picking them up again) will do the trick? I’ve managed a couple of times to accidentally drop a weapon and then it always splits up all the attachments, so I have to pick all that up and attach all the things again…

So maybe that will split up the rifle and the shotgun as well? :blush:

This happened to me too (ps4 as well) with my shotgun and smg, but after a few tries switching back and forth between my two main weapon slots (which contained now two shotguns, instead of a shotgun and an smg) it went back to normal. The icons for the weapons stayed the same, but the smg for a short while became a shotgun :man_shrugging:.

Sadly no :frowning: unfortunately it did nothing. I dropped all my weapons as well

Alright, sorry to hear that… I hope you’ll have the same luck as @ColdwarWHLO had then. Or maybe it will sort itself out when you find and switch to another shotgun, hopefully kind of resets it all…