My wishes for GZ’s future


Vacation is coming to an end, and I haven’t played anything for 3 long weeks. I’m itching to fire up GZ again, and I’m really excited to see what the august update will include. These are my summarized wishes for GZ, and I hope to see some of them within a month:

  • Root out the last obvious bugs, like enemies clipping through walls, enemies detecting you through bunkers, faults in the mission system, and most of all, the missing clothing stats and empty toolboxes is long over due to be fixed!

  • The clothing system could use a makeover. All clothes should have stats, and especially the items from vanity packs! When only half of the clothes have stats, you can’t really choose your own style. I also suggest that you should only be able to find clothes once. That would bring a little extra excitement to looting for clothes.
    (EDIT: I actually think the clothing stats should be removed. Boosts should just come from perks.)

  • I wish for the rumors of a stash to be true. To be able to store extra equipment in a safe house. Using other characters as mules are not what they are meant for.

  • I want to be able to respec skills. A fair solution could be to unlock this upon reaching the level cap. A good reward for a lot of hours spent. Skill descriptions can be a bit vague, and you end up picking skills you never needed.

  • Balancing the weapons. To me, it feels like many of the weapons in each category are too similar. I feel like you can safely pick your shotgun, SMG and AR, just based on which one you think is coolest. Other weapons like the Möller pistol and the Meusser rifle seem irrelevant after leaving Saltholmen. Was this intentional? The .50 cal rifle feels a bit underpowered when weighing the pros and cons over the silenced .270 cal. It should deal massive damage at the cost of revealing your position to everything nearby.

Maybe I’ll add more if I come up with something…

What do you guys think is most important to fix first? :slightly_smiling_face:


I was literally just thinking about the missing clothing stats today! i really miss the jump boost, hopefully we can see those return soon or get some clarity on whether or not they will come back to the game at least.


Yeah, what they said :point_up_2:t3::blush:



Sjöqvist suffers from far worse recoil than the 12-gauge but is slightly more accurate for single shots and has way better DPM.

Kpist is more accurate but much noiser and lower DPM than the HP5. Easy choice there in most cases (Kpist as a BUG for non-stealth builds, HP5 otherwise), but it is still a choice.

AI-76 gives you burst fire and more balanced DPM to accuracy ratios than either the AG 4 or AG 5 but can’t mount anything but reflex sights, AG 4 is better DPM but worse accuracy (though it makes a decent DMR if kitted right), AG 5 is better accuracy but worse DPM. Again, there is a solid choice there, and I’d argue it’s more concrete than the SMGs.

Möller is actually useful for stealth builds (suppressed Möller is the quietest weapon in the game and can still one-shot ticks if you land a body shot), so not completely useless.

Pvg 50 does indeed do what you say, it’s just not massive per-shot damage, but insane DPM for the accuracy (if you give about 250ms for the gun to settle after it recenters, you have near perfect accuracy again, so a 4-crown Pvg 50 can dish out damage on a level equal to a mid-tier AG 4 with the best accuracy in the game).

The comment about the Meusser I can get behind though, the only advantages it has are the larger magazine and the possibility of getting ammo for it off of FNIX runners.


for me the important fix would be fixing missions, if they can’t find away to stop them from going away they need to let us restart incomplete missions. they claim they are hidden but no amount of waiting or fast traveling around will let me pick them back up, other than warboard/bunker missions. empty toolboxes are annoying but that one doesn’t make me have to keep starting over


I quite enjoy using the Meusser Hunting Rifle primarily taking out Runner’s from a distance and the ammo is plentiful, but I’m not to keen with the other Sniper Rifle primarily due to the lack of ammo preference in the world expect killing Rank 3 Harvester or Tanks.


I’ve honestly had no issues with ammo for the Älgstudsare now that I stopped carrying the Meusser. It took me a while to build up enough .270 to start using it, but since then, I’ve not really had issues (I only use the SP ammo though, not the FMJ, so that helps a lot). The game pays very specific attention to what guns you actually have on a character, and everything other than machines tends to only give ammo for those specific weapons.


I know the weapons in each category has their differences, I just have a feeling the differences are a bit marginal.

I can see we are both shooters in real life, so of course you know how much heavier impact a .50 BMG has than a .270 Winchester. I bet you’ll also agree that even though movies and games often exaggerate the effect the .50 BMG has on a target, that caliber is still designed to destroy armor and heavy equipment. In GZ, it makes no sense that a Runner is still running after 2 direct hits to the body or head from the Pvg 90. :thinking:


I think that’s less of an issue of the Pvg 50 not being accurately modeled (though yes, the damage it deals does seem a bit low to me), and more an issue of the way they handle machine health in general. The whole component thing makes sense for modeling damage from the small weapons, but it doesn’t really scale sanely to the Pvg 50 or the Gvg. OTOH, if the .50 BMG rounds are reliably over-penetrating, it would make some sense that stuff might still be at least partially operational after two shots (because just punching holes in some parts isn’t really going to do anything).


I love the .50 cal. Best weapon when you are in the church tower with hunters around in mp. One Player draws attention downstairs so you can shot of tick pods and weapons. It usually takes only one well placed shot to take of the pod and another for the weapon. But on the downside is when you shot a runner and it just takes of the armor plate in front if the fuel cell. In my world it should penetrate the armor and blow up the runner. So that is a change I would like. As it’s now the .243 or .270 will do exactly the same as the .50 against runners.


I’ve had some luck with the .50 BMG AP ammo against runners punching through the armor plate, but it’s not particularly consistent.

Again, I think this comes back to how they’re modeling all the components separately from each other (there’s no realistic way these things have all their components that well isolated from each other, that’s beyond engineering into the realm of magic) and don’t seem to properly model things like over-penetration or shrapnel (realistically, assuming the round doesn’t skip off, a .50 BMG round should shatter the armor plate on most of the runners, and the shrapnel should probably be enough to destroy them).


An option to redistribute skill points at some point would be a welcome addition, though that should also include the ability to skip wasting points on then unnecessary XP boost skills to unlock the higher tiers.


Here’s a few more wishes I’ve come up with:

  • A bigger machine. I saw another user in here suggest a name for it: “Titan”.
    That would be awesome! Make it something truly awe inspiring, and also rare to come across! 2-3 times the height of a Tank. 6 or 8 legs, slow moving, very armored and very deadly, even for a team of 4.

  • A deployable machinegun. Like an MG3 or something similar in 7,62 mm. It could have a tripod and require you to deploy it into a crouched position, where you can only move very slowly, and not at all when aiming down the sights. You could fire it standing up, but with a HUGE spread. From a deployed position it could fire accurately with an insane fire rate! It could take about 4-5 seconds to enter/exit the firing position.
    This would be a great addition to the arsenal! The 3 assault rifles already serve their purposes, so no need to add more of the same kind.


This pretty much nails what I want for the game as well. Larger, more menacing Machines, and bigger weapons to take them down with. The Ksp 58 (Kulspruta 58) is great for a machinegun, and eats through large amounts of 7,62 like candy.


Yep! Imagine cutting down a pack of hunters with an MG! In real life, a Ksp 58 has almost double the fire rate of an Ak 4. The penalty for that firepower is that you can’t move, and so you’re f***ed if they reach you. I think they could seriously implement this in the game without any balancing issues to the difficulty.


I agree with almost everything you wrote here. The inventory thing when in MP or solo is annoying at best. I would love to see auto stacking of ammo in the inventory be an un-lockable skill after level TBD storage in bunkers but not just safe houses also as a level un-lock after level TBD. One thing that Assassins Creed added (not played it just read a lot about it) that would be great when max leveled would be player customized missions that others can play (I would buy the chance to be a sort of “dungeon master” as a DLC) I think this would be fun. Last two things saving missions in MP should work a bit better than it does & I would like very much to see more weather for longer periods of time. When it rains it is brief.

That all said I love this game it is everything I hoped RD2 would be in MP. The Development Team seems to care about what the players are saying & about the future of the game. I love that they have a forum with clear rules. I play, stream, store review games & post on YouTube I am in NO way anything big just a very small fry but I have said nothing but good about this game because of the above mentioned belief & faith in this team.

Thanks for reading & for give the old fashioned train thought writing.

I should add that I am on Xbox.


I think one of the things that needs to be implemented is being able to start a new game without messing around deleting this and that. It dosnt have to be New Game+ to keep all the weapons but just New Game would be nice.


I would like to hunt or something. The map looks a bit empty. Animals or Npc´s would fill the map.The only thing I´m doing is walking shooting and looting. It´s not bad… I like it. But i think it´s a bit boring over time. And I think the game needs more enemies. swimming enemies( first u have to be able to swim). Some enemies in the ground wich can slow u down. That would be perfect. Something like a food-bar(you know what i mean?). This would make the game WAY better. But it´s already good.


Just a boat would do it! And be able to shoot from the board, like in Minecraft.


Please. NO foodbar. Gen0 is not about eating - then you would have to care about eating all the time. Imagine being in an epic combat (everything is going great) and then you strave to death. (And the nearest safehouse is 1 km away. I do agree that it could be funwith some new enemies though.