Mysterious Binary Transmissions - Discussion Thread

Does anyone know what that means? what information is there?

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I believe it says Friend? I can only guess we are getting a robot ally. Maybe a hunter?

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Take a good look at the image, I looked for the location of this place.
This is at these coordinates:, (approximately). It is the base of Saltholmen.
But I found nothing there. Maybe many things will be found.


there is a new transmission: Are you there?

01000001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 01110010 01100101 00111111


Hi, do you want to merge them into one topic about the transmissions?

@Gysbert: If I look at the picture I get the idea that these aren’t “live” transmissions. Maybe they are just excerpts of the log lying in front of the radio.

These are my first thoughts from the other topic:

According to one of the discord mods there is a reference made by the devs with “Are you there”:
Quote: “Only connoisseurs will get the reference.”

It could be some famous robot/ AI who said that. At first I thought it might be a GlaDos reference but I can’t find a connection. Or maybe the robot from the movie “I robot”.
It could also be a GZ reference.

It could be a reference to Tony Stark talking to J.A.R.V.I.S the AI butler from the Iron man 2008 Movie.

Or it is a Portal reference. This turret / machine


This and your small video about that could fit well. Like someone activated fnix and asked exactly these questions to verify that it’s working.

I personally would have looked for a reference set in 1980s.

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Thinking about the word “connoisseurs”, the most logical would be that it is a reference from GZ itself.
However, I don’t have all spoken GZ texts transcribed.

I don’t suppose that the phrase backwards would count. In the New Mission: Civil Defence, when the player arrives back at the Salthamn Shelter - Therese says: There you are. Good that you’re not dead too. Let’s check this computer.

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Wasn’t there something similar when coming to the computer to “destroy” fnix at FOA?

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ok so another message as you can see on the picture… Tho now it says

“Are you there?”

I think we are not getting a robot that will help us but maybe we are gonma be searching for our old lost friend (in-game friend) that will be a very interesting mission that will follow in the new update ngl

I can’t wait for the new update for real tho…

Let me know bout your ideas in the comments cus this is gonna be something big!


Ok, the transmission number seems to be a random 5 digit number. The last one was 12083, the difference is too high in my eyes to explain following numbers for each transmission.

Someone or something is looking for a friend.

After the first transmission I thought it was adressed at us and questioning if we are a friend.

Now it really sounds like someone/something is searching for his/hers/its friend, a specific person, as the question now is if this friend is there. I don’t think that we are the searched friend.

For us the questions now could be:

  • who is asking?
  • who is he/she/it looking for?
  • will we have the task to search them?

Exactly my thinking :joy: Again :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: if those are live transmissions then we can expect pretty cool missions coming up…

Maybe we are getting to the finalle if Generation zero??? Maybe the end of everything? The friend that is possibly looking for us can potentionally be the key for the end of war tho it’s really high speculation and it’s gonna be off by a lot but we’ll see

This is now the main thread for covering and discussing these strange messages.
All content related to it will be merged here.

What do you think they mean? Go nuts, people :+1:



I just read about “Calling for help”.

Maybe it’s related to that mission?

S’est peut être pour chercher fnix qui ne serais pas mort en fait et qu’il serait cacher dans un autre bunker ou dans un robot comme par exemple un hunters ou tank

Could you please translate into english?
That’s an english speaking forum.

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I do hope not… I am not ready for that :grinning:

Don’t you think that these transmissions are simply teases for a new DLC,
possibly for the much desired machine companion?


Where can I find this message?